The third force

Politics pundits have placed their money on the third force.

That the war of attrition between the two Patriotic Front forces is a mere harbinger and ruse for the third force strategically positioned in the 2016 succession scheme.

 That the current furore will serve the purpose of exposing and weeding out potential pockets of influence to create a regime that will neither have allegiance nor loyalty to the current kingmakers whose hold on President Michael Sata has proved deleterious to the image of the Patriotic Front.

The pundits cynically argue that, in spite of advice from his senior party and government colleagues, the President has failed to break ties with the cartel which claims to have put the President and PF into office.

The resulting stalemate has put paid to the corruption crusade as the law enforcement agencies including the Bank of Zambia have become totally impotent to tackle rampant abuses of the law governing financial institutions and in the process permitting impunity.

Clearly there is a growing rebellion within the ranks of the ruling party and three discrete groups have emerged.

There are those who feel betrayed that the President has associated and wishes to bequeath the party to a faction associated with corruption. This is the clique that is holding him to ransom in order to protect itself from massive corruption and theft of public funds charges.

There are those who genuinely feel betrayed that the party has lost direction and vision by embracing ills and tenets that were frowned upon in the previous MMD regime.

Then there is the silent but equally strong group that is positioning itself for the 2016 elections, it is alleged the President really supports.

 This is the group that will emerge triumphant over the smoldering remains of the current cliques.

  African torture

As expected African governments, in particular Kenya have made a strong case for a mass walkout from the Rome Statute that establishes the International Criminal Court (ICC)

They have accused the ICC of being a toy of imperial Western powers.

They have used very high sounding words to suggest that the institution had been turned into a tool for manipulation and neo-colonialism of African States.

We beg to disagree and instead share the sentiments expressed by Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General warning that any African walk out would  be a disastrous self serving and self preserving  ploy, indeed a “badge of shame” for the continent.

The thousands of Kenyans who died in the savage tribal violence that erupted after the inclusive elections would have died in vain if those found culpable will walk away from facing their ills.

Those who shed blood or were accomplices to the act must face up to the law. The ICC is the mirror of compulsion with sufficient moral and ethical authority to demand accountability from all wrong doers, Those who promote internecine under whatever guise do not deserve respectability.

2 thoughts on “The third force

  1. If you want to continue to enjoy a good readership, do not side with any group in this PF fiasco. You make conclusion that one group is holding Sata hostage. That is a matter of opinion. As a newspaper, leave it to the people to make conclusions that one group is holding who hostage. Then people will enjoy your newspaper because it will be balanced. Don’t become another Post newspaper that became blinded by its support of Sata. Do you see now that they are in a fix? The newspaper has difficult expressing itself. Don’t paint one group red because you may be embarrassed in future when you find that group to be right. Don’t let your hate for Kabimba show through your editorials. Kabimba, GBM and team and Sata bazazi paya beka. Don’t help them. Sata is the leader, let him show leadership.

  2. Africa must not walk away from ICC but call for reforms for the ICC to handle other countries as well like America, UK, Russia and Chinese intransigencies.

    They focus too much ONLY on Africa. Admittedly African leaders have been brutal dictators needing punishment.

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