Sata increases salary again

President Michael Sata’s salary has been increased to a whooping K414,406 million with a special allowance of K108,934 barely a year after his salary was increased to K327,000 million in 2012.

The increase in President Sata’s salary by K87,000,000 will also see his Vice-President Guy Scott and other specified office holders including Cabinet ministers have their salaries by the same percentage margin as per Statutory Instrument No 92 of 2013.

This is the third time in a little more than two years that President Sata has had his salary increased with the first two increments having been effected at 100 per cent of the annual basic pay.

The hefty salary increases come against a backdrop of health workers including nurses, council workers and other public service workers having gone on strike after receiving a meager four per cent increase.

According to the Statutory Instrument No 91 of 2013 of the Presidential Emoluments Act of the Laws of Zambia Volume 15 Cap 261 signed by Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, President Sata was now entitled to an annual salary of 414,406, about K87,406 more than his current earnings which are at K327,000.

The Statutory Instrument signed on October 8 by Chikwanda under the October 11, 2013 government gazette, President Sata’s salary increase is effective September 1, 2013.

In 2012, Chikwanda signed Statutory Instrument No 17 of 2012 which had raised President Sata salary to K327 million [nearly US$73,000]  per annum.

Former president Rupiah Banda was getting K164,120 million per annum and when he was acting president the former head of  state refused to append his signature to a Parliamentary Bill for increased salaries of the Executive and parliamentarians and sent back to the House for revision.

In 2008 while in the opposition, President Sata attacked former president Rupiah Banda over the salaries saying the then president was being selfish but soon after ascending to the same position, Sata has increased his salary twice in three months.

Chikwanda said in exercise of the powers contained in section two of the Presidential Emoluments Act and after consultation with the Standing Orders Committee of the National Assembly, President Sata would be paid K414,406 million annually.

“These Regulations may be cited as the Presidential Emoluments (Amendment) Regulation, 2013 and shall read as one with the Presidential Emoluments Regulations 2009, in these Regulations referred to as the principle Regulations. These regulations shall be deemed to have come into operation on September 1, 2013, Chikwanda stated in his Statutory Instrument.

And according to the Statutory Instruments No 92 of 2013 for Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices, Vice-President Dr Scott would now be enjoying an annual salary of K250,551 with a special allowance of K62,360 while his utility allowance had been upped by K49,098 per annum.

The Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini would now be pocketing K230,557 million with an added special allowance of K55,299 while his utility allowance now stands at K49,098.

The deputy Speaker, Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Whip and Leader of the Opposition have had their salaries increased to K189,672 million while the salary of the deputy Chief Whip and that of the Deputy Chairperson of Committee will be earning K179,158 million.


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