ZABS advises against buying from vendors

The public has been urged against buying from street vendors if they are to get value for their money.

Lee Hamunji, the public relations officer of the Zambia Bureau of Standards said people should be aware that everything could be counterfeited and it would be very difficult to demand for quality products if consumers bought items from the streets where there were no receipts issued.

He said to ensure adherence to international standards, all stakeholders including consumers, must play their role in ensuring quality was observed at all levels of from production to consumption.

“Members of the public should know that counterfeits are everywhere, and anything can be counterfeited because people want to make money, but don’t buy things anyhow.

People should buy items that give you value for your money. You should buy from designated places where you can go back and claim warranty on the products, because there is no value in buying an item that will spoil before the expected time,” he said.

He was speaking on the commemoration of the World Standards Day held every third Wednesday of October under the theme ‘standards ensure positive change.

And Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) said stakeholders must ensure adherence to the internationally-recommended standards on the quality of products on the local market.

CCPC public relations officer Hanford Chaaba explained that the international standard’s day should help stakeholders ensure that only quality products were put on the market.

“It’s a day for the business community to review their roles in ensuring they only allowed quality products for the consumer.  And also for the consumers to realise their responsibility in ensuring that only quality products were presented and bought by a well informed public,” Chaaba said.

He explained that World Standards Day was an important event that connected consumers and manufacturers, as well as government on the need for regulation and adherence to ensure all stakeholders played on the quality of products they produced and bought respectively.


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  1. Most of the items sold by street vendors especially along cairo road, Kafue road, church road and independence avenue are from Kamwala second trading centre. You find most of those items in the Kamwala shops of our indian and Chinese brothers. ZABS should raid those areas for below standard products which cannot see the light of day in the western world.

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