‘Sata, ministers don’t deserve salary hike’

President Michael Sata and his ministers do not deserve a salary increment and Zambians should condemn the rate at which the Head of State is emptying the national coffers, says Brebner Changala.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, the political activist said that the new salary increments were immoral and in bad faith.

Changala said that for the past two years of the PF in office, civil servants who were productive had been subjected to poor conditions of service which had culminated into industrial unrest.

He said that it was hard to believe that while nurses, midwives, pharmacists and council workers were on strike, President Sata and his Cabinet busy were scheming their increments.

“The salary increment to the office of the President is unacceptable and immoral. This is immoral and totally unacceptable; it must be roundly condemned for he has not worked for this money. There is no way we shall sit idle and watch a small group of people empty the meagre resources this county has, it is just few days ago that heath workers downed tools, and council workers stopped work because of  non-payment  of salaries. So it is only fair that this government re-considers the increment as it is already a source of conflict,” said Changala.

Changala said that President Sata should be reminded that he did not come to power to take advantage and empty the Treasury by giving himself and his friends’ huge salaries at the expense of addressing the many challenges the people of Zambia were facing.

He said that President Sata should understand that leadership was about sacrifice and not about increasing one’s salary at the expense of the welfare of the people of Zambia.

Changala observed that the increase of President Sata’s salary was a clear slap on the face of civil servants who voted the PF into government.

“For almost all the two years he has been in government, President Sata has literally been on leave. I can competently say that President Sata has literally been on an indefinite leave. He cannot have a salary increment while freezing salaries for production and dedicated civil servants.

He must be reminded that he did not come to power to empty the Treasury but to save the country diligently with a fair amount of honour,” he said.

Changala said that from the look of the things, power has irretrievably corrupted the PF leadership to the extent that they could not see what was best for the people of Zambia.

“From the look of things, since he came to power he has started building himself a house when the two previous presidents don’t have dwelling places, this is a constitutional anarchy and it must be stopped. I therefore demand that he concentrates on good governance and economic delivery and not milking or wrecking the nation. He is setting a very bad precedence,” Changala said.