Scott goes for Chikwelete

In a dramatic turn of events, the infighting in the Patriotic Front has taken a new twist with Republican Vice-President Guy Scott reportedly reporting former Lusaka district chairman Robert Chikwelete to President Michael Sata over allegations that he organised party cadres to hound the Vice-President out of office.

The deepening factionalism in the ruling party has also seen Situla  Sikwindi, a Wynter Kabimba prodigy serving as PF assistant secretary general-political getting expelled from the party over his alleged running of a political party called the Fourth Republic Party.

The divide in the PF which started with the endorsement of President Sata as the sole candidate in the 2016 general elections has now exposed Dr Scott as being among the people working hard to prop up Kabimba to take over the PF presidency in 2916.

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has also been linked to the Fourth Republic Party but his assistant secretary political Sikwindi refused to comment on the unfolding events.

Dr Scott is said to have called President Sata and accused Chawama constituency chairman of having mobilised cadres in Lusaka with the intention of physically ejecting him from office.

Dr Scott, who has called Chikwelete masquerader, called President Sata last week alleging that Chikwelete was planning harm him.

It has been revealed that a scheme has been hatched by the Kabimba faction to scandalise Chikwelete so that he could be seen as a violent man who was not fit to contest for the position of PF Lusaka district chairman.

Chikwelete was on Friday summoned by the police and a statement recorded from him and was yesterday expected to appear before the police again.

But when contacted, Chikwelete said he was not aware about police summoning him over Dr Scott’s allegations.

And as the infighting intensifies, Bridget Atanga, the ruling party’s deputy secretary general yesterday expelled Kabimba’s assistant, Sikwindi for alleged gross indiscipline and implicating the justice minister in the Fourth Republic Party saga.

Atanga told the Daily Nation that she had earlier suspended Sikwindi and given him a day to exculpate himself but that the PF official had ignored her letter.

Atanga said she had decided to expel Sikwindi because she wanted to show and prove to him that she had the authority to suspend and expel him from the party.

She has told Sikwindi to find an alternative party because he had ceased to be a member of the PF because of his alleged indiscipline adding that President Sata had made it clear that there was need for discipline to return to the party.

“I have with immediate effect expelled Sikwindi from the PF because he is grossly indiscipline and I am asking him to challenge our secretary general who is not around about his involvement in the formation of the Fourth Republic Party. We want Sikwindi to tell us what it is he is doing in that party. Sikwindi does not work from the secretariat and we do not know what he does wherever he has been operating from. Let him challenge the secretary general whom he has been smearing with dirty,” Atanga said.

She said Sikwindi would have to explain why he had copied a letter about the formation of the Fourth Republic Party to Kabimba adding it was unacceptable for senior members of the party to brand the ruling party tribal and corrupt.


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  1. The Corrupt PF. Wynter is daring them cause he knows what they have been doing.

    A corrupt lot and Wynter must be arrested for abetting crime. Why hasn’t he reported to the POLICE the corruption he has seen.

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