‘Situla must own up’

The Fourth Republic Party is nothing but a clandestine organisation whose main aim is to promote tribalism in Zambia since it is advocating for federalism, its former president Lameck Kamalo has charged.

Kamalo has also challenged the expulsion of ruling Patriotic Front party assistant secretary general Sikwindi Situla to state why he was refusing to admit that preparations for turning the party into an official entity had reached an advanced stage.

“I am challenging Situla to do himself and the country a favour by telling the truth,” Kamalo said.

Kamalo said among issues the party was to advocate was the introduction of a federal system which he (Kamalo) says is not only expensive, but divisive on ethnic grounds.

The party came about as an under carpet scheme to blindfold unsuspecting members that would eventually fall prey to its hidden divisive mechanism.

“The concept of federalism is an expensive venture; where will the money come from to support it because it is nothing but a detailed scheme to break Zambia into segments of governance. This is not good because Zambia is one country. This party will only succeed by seriously promoting tribalism.

It is unfortunate that Situla continues to throw cowardly missiles when it matters most for him and his proxies to stand up and defend their divisive intent to form the party,” he alleged.

Kamalo explained that his resignation has thwarted the whole process of finally registering the party because he saw no value or credibility to be part of a process that wanted to segment Zambia and promote tribalism.

“I am appealing to Situla to emulate Robert Chikwelete by respecting the final decision of superiors. Let him accept his suspension since he has conceded the dissolution of Lusaka district so that he can freely launch his campaign. Similarly provincial chairman Goodson Banda should do the same so that a duly-elected chairman is put in place,” said Kamalo

He appealed to the party leadership to maintain peace by avoiding violence or abusive language in an effort to create a new image of PF.


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