Kaoma activist calls for women activism

A Kaoma women’s rights activist has bemoaned the low number of women serving in decision-making positions.

Annie Ngambo told the Daily Nation that most women had apathy towards civic duties.

She said having more women in decision-making positions was crucial to development.

The activist noted that the country’s progress in good governance has been undermined by the sidelining of women in national affairs.

Ngambo said she was opposed to women participating only at election time, adding that there was need to increase women participation.

“The elimination of women in the governance is destroying the country because women’s participation is vital in any developing nation,” she said.

Ngambo said coming from a cultural background were woman were subjects of men, many women were intimidated against fully participating in national matters.

She said encouraging select women to participate in various civic activities would help encourage many others.

“It is unfortunate that we have few women in decision-making positions and we must change this face by identifying capable women in the communities to provide room for their participation, and this can be achieved if there are projects to empower them,” she said.

Ngambo said that it was crucial that retention of women in decision-making positions was enhanced.

She urged women to be proactive and show willingness to participate in national matters so that they contributed to the country’s development.

Ngambo said there was need for the government to consider some empowerment scheme for senior citizens like empowerment funds for women and youths.