MMD says Sata fanning PF wrangles

President Sata is to blame for the ruling Patriotic Front party wrangles, Yotam Mtayachalo has said.

The MMD Copperbelt information and publicity secretary told the Daily Nation that the head of state was not forthright in the manner he was handling the confusion that has rocked his party, and that it was unfortunate that such was happening in a ruling party.

He said that various stakeholders and the people of Zambia were concerned that the party in government seemed to have no focus and direction.

“If these confusions were happening under the opposition parties, we wouldn’t have concentrated much on them, but because all these squabbles are happening in the party that is looking after 13 million population of this country, and that is the reason why we condemn the President for failing to show leadership and presiding over the internal matters,” he said.

He wondered how possible it would be for the PF government to run the affairs of the nation when they were failing to bring to an end the squabbles.

Mtayachalo said that President Sata was holding the key to opening up the matter, because he personally knows the genesis of the wrangles reflecting in his party.

He cautioned the people of Zambia to interrogate themselves if the country was in safe hands under the leadership of the PF that had failed to solve its own differences.

“The President is failing to come out clear and strong in this confusion, because if he really is serious he could have come out strongly and all this could have been history by this time. Otherwise the President is the one who is worsening the situation, because he is between parallel groups, and he is in the situation whereby he knows all the agendas of the two groups,” he said.

And Mtayachalo charged that the issues surrounding the PF government left much to be desired because their leaders appeared not to be ready to be sincere with anyone, because he easily changed his mind.

“Like in the case of the PF Lusaka district, President Sata is the one who anointed Robert Chikwelete, and this gives light and caution to other members that anything can happen to anyone. Even the same Goodson Banda should not be excited about this, he is the next victim, including any other members,” he cautioned.