‘Why did police give Chumbwe guns?’

Zambia Police should justify why they have allowed PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe to own licensed fire arms when he was a suspect of an armed robbery.

Political analyst Brebner Changala said if indeed Chumbwe was a suspect in the armed robbery of 1994 at Meridian Bank where K17m belonging to then Postal Telecommunications Company (PTC) was stolen, then how did he get clearance for the guns?

“I am challenging the police and Chumbwe to assist the nation on a very sensitive but criminal matter, if he was involved in the 1994 armed robbery and he is a suspect in the eyes of the police, how did they authorise him to own and license firearms, and of various calibre?” he questioned.

He questioned police to indicate if indeed it was Chumbwe who was the suspect involved in the 1994 robbery.

He said if indeed Chumbwe was cleared to own firearms, police should be able to confirm to the members of the public that this matter was conclusively dealt with and the docket closed.

“It is the duty of the Police to clearly state to the Zambian people as to whether the docket that alleged the robbery has been closed and Chumbwe was cleared of the allegations,” he said.

Changala was commenting on the recent reports resulting from the police search of Chumbwe’s properties which revealed that he owned a number of firearms of various calibres, all of them licensed after allegations that the PF official had an armoury at his house.

Chumbwe has been implicate din the formation and organisation of the Fourth Republic Party, an alleged parallel body of the PF orchestrated by embattled party secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

Chumbwe was appointed to the party office by Kabimba, and was reportedly on the Zambia Police ‘wanted list’ over the 1994 robbery, but there has not been any clarification from state security on the matter.





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  1. This is the PF’s choice of friends men and women whose background is questionable!
    Its like watching a movie where the state enlists the services of a hard core criminal in return for “freedom”.
    What a country, what a ruler and what a people!

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