Bemba talk out

No one is fighting Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba on tribal grounds, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda told Parliament on Friday.
Chikwanda was responding to Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa who suggested that a tribal clique was intent on hounding secretary general Kabimba out of the PF on tribal grounds-an allegation which Kabimba has made without stating categorically which tribe he belonged to.
Mweetwa who was making his contribution on the 2014 budget repeated the allegation made by Kabimba.
But Chikwanda who rose on a point of order asked if Mweetwa was in order to continue debating on tribal lines which did not bear any relevance and truth of the reality regarding the tribal affiliation of Kabimba.
“A number of us have been quoted as working against honourable Kabimba on tribal lines but how can we work against our own tribesman? He is Sala and he is also Bemba. His father is Sala and his mother is Bemba so how can we work against our tribesman? Is the member in order to try and destroy his otherwise very recommendable debate by being morally inconsistent?” Chikwanda asked.
Making a ruling, the deputy Speaker of the National Assembly who was presiding at the time warned Mweetwa to avoid delving into dividing debate and concentrate on issues of national unity.
Earlier Chikwanda has wondered if Mweetwa was correct to speak about tribal matters because it was his party that had been agitating against.
Contributing on the 2014 budget presentation whose theme is “Moving Forward to Consolidate Growth and Social Justice in Peace and Unity”, Mweetwa said that it was not possible for the PF government to implement a budget because of tribalism and corruption.
Mweetwa said that it was strange that both the Vice President Dr. Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have come out in the open accusing their colleagues in government of being corrupt and tribal.
He said that it was embarrassing that people in government were accusing each other of planning to hound each other out of the party.
“The Vice President has said that those who want to hound out Kabimba out of the PF would like to immunise themselves against the forces of the law because they are corrupt and Wynter Kabimba says my colleague in the PF are preoccupied with forming companies and irregularly awarding themselves contracts and also these colleagues on your right are flying around the country wasting tax payers money we are here to appropriate in the budget for them to do wrong things.

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