Wynter may still go

The Patriotic Front central committee has rubbished media reports purporting that President Michael Sata on Friday refused to discuss various petitions against party secretary general Wynter Kabimba and has accused some named media house of twisting information to suit its known agenda.
Several PF members of central committee are against the continued stay of Kabimba as secretary general of the ruling party and Jean Kapata has described as gross distortions insinuation that President Sata had refused to discuss petitions to remove Kabimba as party secretary general and justice minister.
They have told the Daily Nation that the report did not reflect the truth, the spirit and content of what was discussed during the central committee meeting held at State House on Friday.
They explained that the President was fully aware cognizant of the strong sentiments from members of the central committee and resolution from all the ten provinces.
Mandevu Parliamentarian Jean Kapata said while she could not delve into the details of the meeting and its essence of the discussions, it was important to state that many members of the central committee urged President Sata to help resolve the divisions that had rocked the ruling party.
She said members of the central committee also urged President Sata to resolve the petitions that have been raised against Kabimba who has been accused of numerous transgressions against his party including failing to organise the party and openly discussing the Head of State alleged ill health.
“I write to express my concern by reports in The Post of Saturday, 19th October 2013 regarding the meeting of the central committee held yesterday (Friday) at State House. The report Sata Refuses to Discuss Wynter Petition at PF CC is gross distortion of the meeting of the central committee and does not reflect the truth, the spirit and content of the discussion and has been twisted to suit a very well known agenda,” Kapata said.
She stated that the matter regarding the petition against Kabimba was settled by President Sata who had assured the members that the matter would be resolved soon.
Kapata said President Sata had pledged to communicate publicly the decision on the petitions demanding the removal of Kabimba and that many members were satisfied that the Kabimba issue would soon be resolved.
She said as a petitioner to have disciplinary action against Kabimba taken and as a member of the central committee. It was her desire to have the differences in the ruling party resolved so that the party could once again become united and concentrate on delivering on its mandate.
Kapata has since appealed to the media to help the country by reporting on national matters factually, accurately and truthfully so as to build and unite the country.
She said the media should not preoccupy itself with the pursuit of private agenda.

3 thoughts on “Wynter may still go

  1. Question: Why is Sata failing to take action on Wynter?

    Answ: Wynter went into the a pact with the post on his side and
    SATA and KK for SATA to give up POWER to Wynter.

    Wynter knows a lot about SATA and SATA is scared stiff.

  2. Interesting, the government is also running to the “other” press in order to clarify issues!

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