Budget will bring hardships

The opposition UPND has charged that the 2014 national budget is a dangerous budget because it has increased our reliance on foreign aid than before.

Deputy party president in charge of administration Dr Canicius Banda has also warned that Zambians should brace themselves for harder times under the PF tenure of office.

Banda told the Daily Nation via telephone that the citizens of this country will suffer than before because the steps taken by the PF administration had diluted their sovereignty and had failed to give confidence to the citizens.

He said the current government had not told the people how wealth would be created for its financing and that it was shocking that Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda had approved salary increment s for President Michael Sata and the Members of Parliament without really thinking of issues that were affecting the majority Zambians.

“It is very clear that we shall relay on borrowed money either on domestic or abroad to finance the budget. These people must know that increasing the salaries when we have to borrow money to finance the budget is stupid.

“It does not make sense at all. PF should have sacrificed, if these people had a heart for the suffering children in this country how many BCG vaccines were they supposed to buy from the 27 per cent increment?  We have about one million malnourished under five children and the people in power have decided to ignore this fact and opted to give themselves huge allowances,” he said.

He said this was the second PF budget and the ruling party had failed to come up with ways to generate income but instead opted to subject the Zambians to more harder times than they have ever experienced.

Banda observed that the poor majority in Zambia could hardly afford three meals a day and wondered why they current administration had not invested in ways of alleviating poverty by empowering the rural majority with income generating skills.

The opposition leader further observed that the budgetary allocation on water and sanitation had been reduced and that this would increase problems being faced in these sectors.

He said there was no need for Chikwanda and his ministry to propose a reduction in the sector because this would be making the situation worse than it was.

Banda observed that it would have been wiser if the current administration had forgone the increments and channel the funds to this and many other sectors that were in need of urgent support.

He said his party (UPND) once elected to power in 2016 will not tolerate such levels of indiscipline among its members and would work to ensure that the lives of the suffering Zambians were improved.

Banda however advised PF administration to stop dependency on borrowing and come up with measures that would create income for the nation.


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  1. I like this commentary on the budget unlike those of the so called prominent economists but the problem I see is no matter how level headed Dr. Banda is making his observations on the budget it will be taken as bitterness of the opposition. I for one thinks the budget is flawed and uninspiring!

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