Hypocrites trap Sata

Charges of tribalism within the ruling Patriotic Front by desperate media are blackmail and pose a great danger to national security and President Michael Sata has been warned not to fall prey to false praises and hypocrisy.

Political Activists Brebner Changala and Open Society Foundation (OSF) executive director Sunday Chanda have warned that the tribal controversy surrounding embattled party secretary general Wynter Kabimba was being fuelled by individuals with an inimical agenda against national interests.

And another Activist from Kitwe Chibashe Sichone has said that it was false and misguided to suggest that, “Bemba tribalism was responsible for the uprising against PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba because the resolution to oust him was made by all ten provinces of the country including two members of the central committee.”

Sichone said that the chorus of, “tribal clique and corrupt PF cabinet” was being used by the Vice President Guy Scott and those who were supporting Kabimba.

He regretted that the name of former vice president late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe had been drawn to defend and promote Kabimba and their agenda when they were no parallels and the current situation involved an individual who should face the united voice of party factionaries.

Sichone recalled how the same people supporting President Sata today insulted and called him (Sata) names when he was in the opposition, “they insulted President Sata as a “Bemba tribalist” while in opposition, including the likes of Sylvia Masebo who continued with her insults even as late as two years ago.”

“Talk about political opportunism! They now claim in their editorials to be President Sata’s greatest praise singers. They maliciously label those who stand against their peculiar agenda ‘tribalists’ or ‘corrupt’,” Sichone said.

He said that the so-called ‘private’ newspaper was so immersed in the PF’s intraparty partisan wrangles if not for their selfish gains.

He has since urged Zambians to strongly condemn careless and dangerous ‘Bemba Tribalism’ mantra which the potential to “divide the country and plunge it in untold chaos like what happened in countries like Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Rwanda.”

Sichone said the self-serving newspaper’s narrow and “partisan” agenda was only for self-preservation of ‘ukufilila munsenga’ at the expense of party and national unity.

And Changala warned President Sata to be careful with emerging hypocrites surrounding him while he is Head of State.

He said that the same people who were singing endless praises for President Sata today have a history of maligning him (Sata) while he was in the opposition, and he remained untrustworthy on the side they belonged.

Changala said while these people continue to eat from the same plate as him, all because President Sata was now in power, it was the same people that issued slanderous statements including hauling allegations of tribalism on the PF president.

“Those who called him tribalist in 2006 are now calling him a nationalist because they want favours from him and that is very dangerous, because what will they do when they find another safe haven?” Changala asked.

He explained that such levels of desperation by those PF sympathisers were actually very dangerous not only to the Head of State, but also to the national security.

Changala charged that it was evident that according to what suited them, they will play along as the case was in 2006 under the late Levy Mwanawasa regime where they advised the Zambian people against President Sata-:

“Now when it suits them, he (Sata) becomes a cousin to Jesus and their praises are endless,” he said.

Changala said this in reference to accusations of tribalism which have rocked the ruling PF with President Sata being accused of tribalism over the composition of his cabinet and other appointees linked to Bemba origins.

On Friday, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda in Parliament challenged UPND’s Cornelius Mweetwa over accusations raised by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who accused the ruling party structures to be tribalist.

Kabimba has disclosed the PF corruption and tribalism which he accused of being against his presence in the party and government leadership that has split the ruling party over it is leadership.

4 thoughts on “Hypocrites trap Sata

  1. The praise songs that are emerging from political slaves (KK) and economic plunderers such as Open Society Foundation (OSF) executive director Sunday Chanda seeking favours from President Sata are turning into un-musical noise. Kabimba’s outbursts will soon lay to bare the evils that been incubated like mushroom cultures for a long time.

    Kabimba has a lot to reveal when he finally gets pushed out of the PF boat in a stormy weather. His revelation suggests that he has clandestinely been working with Sata since 1983.

    Facts about Kabimba are as follows:
    Wynter Kabimba was born in Mumbwa District on 12th December 1958. He graduated from UNZA with a Law degree in 1981. This necessitated his admission at NIPA for one year (i.e. 1982) before he could be admitted to the Bench and practice as a Lawyer.

    Kabimba’s interaction with Sata dates back to a period when Sata was Lusaka’s District Governor under the UNIP era. Kabimba provided legal service to Sata as Governor and later as Minister of Local Government.

    The Mezarf corruption scandal that has implicated Sata evolved during the period when Sata was closely associated in the management of Lusaka City Council and as Minister of Local Government. Then Kabimba was an active participant in the dirty games since that time.

    In Kambiba’s own unsolicited revelation, this entails that he has been associated with numerous corrupt practices in partnership with Sata.
    This is one of the reason Sata FEARS Fred Mmembe most as owner of Post Newspaper that stores a rich database on the social and corrupt life styles of the current President.

    The axing of Kabimba from the PF will trigger Kabimba and Mmembe to go on rampage to reveal the worst aspect of Michael Sata dark-corner dealings. Guy Scott is a direct beneficiary of such economic plunders.

    Sata’s attacks on Bemba Chief drives in another dimension that will further isolate him from the Bemba and Lunda-Kazembe peoples. When this ice gets broken, the Bemba will add more salt to his injury by disowning him for a Tanzanian invader who migrated to settle at Chitulika Shanty township of Mpika.

  2. It is playing plain stupid to deny that Sata is not a stinking bigoted tribalist. Look at his cabinet and all his other appointments since he ascended into office, they are 99% Bemba. The last two ambassadors to be sworn was a worse case, one is his niece while the other is his own wife’s sister who does not even qualify because she holds a British passport. By the time this dickhead of their is done with his tribalism, Zambia would be in pieces and fully disintegrated.

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