K14billion desperation at its worst

These criminals used to call President Sata a Tribalist and demagogue.

Today, he is their   darling who can do no wrong. Even when his Cabinet is so predominantly Bemba speaking, just as are his appointments in public and diplomatic service, they applaud him for his visionary approach to governance.

On the contrary we have continued to draw the President’s attention to this imbalance because it is neither systemic nor representative of the general Bemba populace. We say it because we genuinely want the President to appreciate the perception and signal that he is sending to the rest of country.

This is unlike the cartel which is intent on abusing this highly sensitive issue for self preservation against the law.

In one editorial a few months ago they said of him “We therefore make a clarion call to all our Bemba -speaking people to fight this emerging dangerous Bemba tribalism being championed by Sata and his minions, Sata and his friends should not be allowed to turn crime into a virtue…. And we appeal to all Bemba-speaking people of goodwill not to be misled by these evil demagogues who seem to all the time be on the side of criminals…. Actually, tribalism is an extension of corruption.”

Now he is no longer Sata the Demagogue and tribalist, but Michael the Arch Angel.

We hope President Sata is not fooled, by these empty platitudes in the same manner that President Levy Mwanawasa discovered rather belatedly.

These people are evil, heartless and totally lacking in compassion, completely devolved of the milk of human kindness that makes us human. They are prepared to plunge this country into division and bloodshed for their narrow interest of self preservation.

We should not allow them, we have a national duty, a calling and indeed it is in our best interest to bring to an end the hostage drama that the President is being subjected to by the thieving cabal.

We should not lose sight of the of the surreptitious assault launched  against vital institutions of governance  is being perpetrated by this cabal which has thus far taken a foothold in the executive and is determined to undermine and control the Judiciary. The criminal justice system has capitulated and so has our

It must be our combined priority to bring to an end the K14billion Development Bank of Zambia debacle in which money was stolen by fraudulent misrepresentation- a criminal offence. With its end will come an end to the Chikopa debacle and the shame to which our judiciary has been put.

Once that has been resolved the Judiciary and our criminal justice system will function normally.

More importantly our Anti Corruption Commission will also be put under the charge of officers that will be dedicated to the cause rather than the current cartel- then the fight against corruption will commence in earnest.

The struggle should not be underestimated. We are dealing with a cartel that is determined, entrenched and highly influential and whose reach in the corridors of power is beyond measure, but with determination, resilience and tenacity the struggle should be won.

We should restore integrity to all the pillars of governance. 

2 thoughts on “K14billion desperation at its worst

  1. these thieving criminal think they can cheat our republican president as if he does not see.They said it was too much to entrust the leadership of this nation to sata in 2006 because magande, who was a main player in the 14billion scandal, was almost becaming president of the nation.alas it failed when by 2008 RB became president there hate was directed to RB whom they are persecuting to try to cover there theft, they have blinded kabimba to a point when he does not see that when he has fallen from there favour they persue him with a big trumpet.Zambian do not be blinded by the criminals of the like of those so called independent paper.They are no longer singing Magande the hero because he is on no use now.RB is suffering for opening the pandora box which the satanist wanted to close by theft.let us fight they should not continue holding the president hostage we must deliver him from demons.

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