Pule to petition govt

The United People’s Jubilee Party has vowed to petition the Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu for refusing to register the party on the account of the name .

The government apparently intends to use ‘jubilee’ in the 50th National Anniversary next year.

Apostle Dr. Dan Pule, interim leader of the new political party said it was unjustifiable for government to claim ownership of a common word that has been in use from Biblical times.

Pule said they was no way government could stop the use of the name ‘Jubilee’ when it was a term used for celebrations from time immemorial to mark festivities

“We are petitioning government through the Minister of Home Affairs because their excuse that we cannot use the name Jubilee is unacceptable because that word does not belong to them, it’s a Biblical term that has been in used from time immemorial,” he said.

Pule explained that there were such political party names like the ‘Zambia Republican Party ‘and the ‘Zambia Alliance Party’ which both terms referred to government in a way, with inclusive intonation but there has been nothing done or said about the.

He said as a peaceful party, the UPJ would use the law to fight their cause as they believed there was no basis to reject the application.

“It shows that they are scared of our party and want to block its progress, because why else would they refuse to register a political party with such a common name?

He charged that just because government had intentions of declaring the period till October 2014 as a jubilee year did not halt the use of the word by anybody else.Apostle Pule, the founder of Dunamis Christian Centre announced the formation of a new political party ‘United People’s Jubilee Party’ whose objective is to help Zambians improve their standard of living by providing free education for all children up to grade twelve, among other things.“There are a lot of children out of school due to the high cost of learning with all the requirements expected to be provided by the learner,” Pule said.Pule explained that the party would work to unite the country through equal appointments to cabinet and government positions of all peoples from the 10 provinces which will completely push out speculation on tribalism