RB back home

Former President Rupiah Banda returned from South Africa yesterday and immediately said that he was happy to be back home after undergoing a successful medical review abroad.

Former president Banda in the company of his assistant administration officer Mikatazo Wakumelo touched down at 16:20 abode a South African Airways plane.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday, Wakumelo said that former President Banda was a law abiding person and therefore he was happy to have come back to Zambia because that was where his heart belonged.

He said that the former president had no plans of fleeing the country at anytime because he was a free and law abiding citizen.

Wakumelo said that the former Head of State missed home and wanted to come back as opposed to some section of the media and society suggesting that he would not come back.

He explained that former president Banda while in South Africa underwent a successful medical review and was in high spirit to be back home in good health.

“We have just landed together with the Former President Rupiah Banda from South Africa and he is happy to be back home, it is great to be back home. He is very fit and health. We would have come much earlier but the plane was delayed by an hour as a result of heavy rainfall in South Africa,” said Wakumelo,” said Wakumelo.

His son Andrew, former Ambassador to China Joe Mwale and Ambassador Sipula Kabaghe were among prominent people who welcomed him at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport.

Former President Banda is today expected to appear before Chief Resident Magistrate Court Joshua Banda for continued trial.