RB’s case adjourned

Former President Rupiah Banda’s Nigerian oil deal case yesterday failed to take off in the Lusaka Magistrates Court because the trial magistrate was out of station.

Principal resident magistrate Alidah Chulu told the former president that his case could not come up yesterday for continued trial because the magistrate handling the matter was out of station and would only come back for work on the 25th October, 2013.

This is in a matter where the former Head of State is appearing in court for corruption and abuse of office.

In the same court opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba’s case failed to take off because of the absence of the trial magistrate Joshua Banda who is reported to be out for school.

And former Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya who appeared for mention in the same court had her matter adjourned because the trial magistrate was absent.

Former president Banda’s son Andrew also appeared in the same court but his case could not proceed because the trial magistrate was not around.