Scott, Wynter no room in PF

Vice-President Guy Scott and justice minister Wynter Kabimba have no room in the Patriotic Front (PF) if they cannot make peace with the people in the party they have branded corrupt, tribal and indiscipline, home affairs minister Edgar Lungu has charged.

Lungu has told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott and Kabimba could not continue claiming to be members of a political party they have branded corrupt, tribal and indiscipline.

Lungu said the party would find it difficult to work with people who had caused a lot of consternation because of the tribal tag they had placed on the ruling party.

The home affairs minister said it was unfortunate that Kabimba had accused Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili as being among the corrupt Bemba clique that was against him in the party.

He said the PF was not Dr Scott or Kabimba and that the two senior cabinet officials should know that they could be dispensed with if their actions were inimical to the values of the ruling party.

There is a clear divide in the ruling party with one faction demanding the expulsion of Kabimba and the other claiming that those demanding the expulsion of the justice minister were corrupt and tribal.

President Michael Sata has called for a cease fire between his warring factions but his call for reconciliation has been ignored as the infighting has continued and there is no sign that it would end any time soon.

Lungu said the wild allegations of tribalism and corruption Dr Scott and Kabimba had made against the party and some senior members of the party were unsubstantiated and should therefore not be taken seriously.

He said while it was human for Dr Scott and Kabimba to have felt that there were some people in the ruling party who were tribal and corrupt, it was important for the two leader to specifically name the culprits involved in graft.

“If the Vice-President Dr Scott and the secretary general Wynter Kabimba cannot make peace with the people they have offended in the party, then they have no room to continue being members of the PF. These are the people who have called others in the party corrupt, tribal and indisciplined and it would certainly be difficult to work with them. So unless they help the party by naming those they suspect of being corrupt otherwise they have no room in the PF,” Lungu said.

Lungu said tribalism should not be given any chance to thrive in a country that had lived peacefully since independence.

He said the differences in the ruling party were normal and that it was good that such quarrels had emerged only two years after the PF formed government.

And Lungu said the opposition political parties should not be celebrating that the PF was disintegrating because the ruling party would emerge stronger after the wrangles that have divided the party had been dealt with.

The home affairs minister said the opposition political parties should not think the PF was dying because the ruling party was only going through a cleansing process that make it stronger.

‘For those who think the PF is dying because of the wrangles we have, they are mistaken because we are going to out of this stronger. Let the opposition put their houses in order instead of celebrating our wrangles. If they cannot organize themselves, they will have a shock in 2016 because the PF would be victorious again,’ Lungu said

2 thoughts on “Scott, Wynter no room in PF

  1. Lungu,
    Tack in your teeth!
    Who doesn’t know that Kambwili is corrupt. The contracts, the scrap metal deals, ZR tracks between Ndola and Luanshya, the golf plots…..mmmmmn, Lungu isala ikinwa!

  2. Advising opposition parties to “put their houses in order” yet his house (PF) is on fire! The bitterness of the pill arises from the fact that the PF tribal accusations is from within the ranks and not from external sources! Self cannibalizing!

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