Tribal genie

The tribal card played by Wynter Kabimba and his friends has backfired dangerously.

For the first time the “Bemba tribe” is being dissected into the various components and what is emerging is neither inspiring nor productive and was best left to speculation.

Some credence has now been rendered to online reports suggesting the existence of a pact which features Kabimba. Many people were prepared to dismiss the pact as the work of  idle political speculators, but what  is emerging casts new light on this and other matters where the Government appears totally paralyzed  and has failed to take action in spite of public outcry.

Instead of evoking sympathy Wynter’s tribal card will now be used to analyze and explain some major public policy decisions which have been difficult to understand.

The revelation that Wynter was Bisa, the same tribe as the President does not help the PF secretary general in any way.

On the contrary it explains among many other things, the current conflict between the Government and the Bemba Royal Establishment.  Many people will also find answers to the prevailing conflicts and tensions in many other areas of governance.

 Road tolling

 The Government has to provide a better explanation for the decision to raise road tolls on a people already burdened by high levies including exorbitant fuel.

It is not good enough to suggest that the money raised will go towards the repair and maintenance of the roads because these are old roads that have more than amortized their costs.

The tolls will instead exact a heavy toll on road users directly and indirectly through higher costs of goods as businessmen and women factor in the cost of transportation.

Coming soon after the Government has already announced an increase in the levy on the cost of talk time and the removal of subsidy on maize and fuel earlier in the year, this is one measure that will also impact the ordinary Zambians directly.

It is unfortunate that these measures will affect the poorest of the poor who have no additional income apart from whatever they eke from their menial preoccupation such as peasant agriculture.

 Mazembe trio 

   What exact charge is being preferred against the Mazembe trio?

The uncharacteristic seriousness with which the immigration Department is handling the matter is rather surprising considering that no discernible criminal offence has been committed. Indeed hundreds of “illegal immigrants” languish in our prisons as the immigration departments drags its feet in dealing with them.

We should not be seen to be punitive with our players who have made it outside our country, after all Congo DR is  a sister country with which we share many attributes. Our efforts should go towards reconciliation rather than heightening differences.

More importantly however the Government should not be seen to be playing a hand in this matter otherwise FIFA may just penalize us.