Nigerian oil deal above board-Konga

Former Minister of Energy Kenneth Konga revealed that he suffered a stroke and stress after prolonged interrogations by state police and other agents.

Appearing before Chief Resident magistrate Joshua Banda yesterday for continued trial in the matter where former President Rupiah Banda is accused of abuse of office, Konga maintained that the oil deal was between the government of Nigeria and the government of the Republic of Zambia.

Konga told the court that the proposed oil contract was done in an above board manner and nothing was wrong about the proposed deal because it was going to benefit the country.

He said that he attended several meetings prior to the proposed deal and the meetings were always above aboard.

Konga also said that even during the late Mwanawasa administration, there was an attempt by government to procure affordable fuel or oil from Nigeria and therefore he did not see anything wrong.

And when asked by one of the defence lawyers Sakwiba Sikota why he was disabled when at the time he was in government he was not, Konga said that it was because of stress he was subjected to following prolonged interrogations by police and other state agents.

“Your honour, the stress that I was subjected to for being searched, the insistent searches by police and other state agents made me have a stroke that has left me in this state your honour. The stroke struck me. There was too much insensitivity and prolonged interrogation by state security or agents,” said Konga.

At this point Sikota stood down and closed the cross examination in the matter before Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito re-examined Konga  who told him that he would be able to identify the documents  state agents collected from his house because  they were signed on.

The matter has since been adjourned to 25th November, 2013 for mention and 9, 10, 11   for continued trial.

This is in a matter where former President Banda has been dragged to court on allegations of abuse of office and corruption involving the procurement of oil from Nigeria.

And chief resident magistrate Banda has set 31st January 2014 as date for judgment in a matter  former President Banda’s son  Andrew has been  dragged to court  for corruption and abuse of office.

This is in a case in which Andrew, being a public officer as First Secretary at the Zambian Embassy in Italy and later Deputy High Commissioner to India, is alleged to have solicited and agreed to receive gratification from Locci amounting to two per cent of all monies paid to Frattelli Locci SRI by RDA.

Andrew is charged with one count of soliciting two per cent gratification amounting to K171 million on all payments made by RDA on current and future road construction projects contrary to Section 28(1) paragraph A (i) of the Anti-Corruption Act No.38 of 2010.