Sata heckled

The heckling of President Michael Sata during his Independence address in Kitwe should serve as a wakeup call to the PF and its leadership that they have out lived their usefulness, says Political Activist Brebner Changala.

“This is a true confirmation that PF cheated itself into power when it had no programme or vision for all sectors of the economy, social and cultural needs (ubufi bulaya nokubwela). This is a task which even PF image builders in the private media will have a tall order to correct because even the image builders are themselves are under siege in many ways.

“Worse still they carried Dr Kaunda to the Copperbelt who is nothing but a symbol of food riots and economic disaster during his time. Dr Kaunda added no value to Mr.Sata and his entourage but only reminded them of the sad years when he was republican president.

Dr Kaunda destroyed the Copperbelt both socially and economically sending everybody into migration searching for greener pastures in far flung places like Lusaka, Livingstone and Botswana,” he said.

He expressed disappointment that the Copperbelt seem as a PF stronghold rose in numbers to jeer and boo the republican President instead of giving him a warm thunderous welcome after such a long absence from the province.

President Michael Sata was on Thursday hackled by Copperbelt angry residents during the commemoration of the 49th independence celebration at Kitwe playing fields. This was when President Sata was on the podium addressing the gathering and started talking about the developmental programs that the PF government was undertaking. The President however accused the opposition UPND of sending some people to disturb the commemoration.

“I am not surprised about the noise which is going on because we were warned by UPND provincial chairman that he will organize people who will be making noise when am talking. If they enjoy it they can continue, we are a peace loving nation so even if they make noise we just look at them in the end they look more intelligent by themselves,” Sata said.

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  1. So Zondwe received a thunderous heckling from his own Bemba people in a Bemba province full of Bembas, ha! Let him try North Western, Western or indeed Southern Province, there they will “ku mutambula na maboko obilo pe!” The writing is on the wall, clearly, if cancer does not nail CNP, the Zambian electorate he pissed on with his stinking lies will.

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