Kabimba wants me out – Lubinda

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has accused Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba of orchestrating schemes to hound him out of the ruling party by maliciously inventing charges that he was treacherous and disloyal to the party.

And Lubinda has charged that he had never been suspended from the party because Kabimba never wrote to him (Lubinda) about the alleged suspension and that it was surprising that the justice minister had announced the lifting of his suspension which never was.

Lubinda said he did not see any member of the PF that would want him out of the party but that the cadres who demonstrate against him had been sent by Kabimba.

Lubinda who recently  broke his silence on what he had gone through since Kabimba accused him of treachery and collaborating with the opposition political parties told the Daily Nation that the people who were carrying placards against him had confessed that they were being used by the justice minister to frustrate and hound him out of the ruling party.

“As far as I know, no one wants me out of the PF. I do not see anyone who would want me out of the party. The people who were carrying placards and demonstrated against me have come back to tell me that it was Kabimba who sent them. So it is only Kabimba who wants me out of the PF. I enjoy excellent and cordial relationship with President Michael Sata. I enjoy cordial relationship with the party members and no one should put a word between me and the President,” Lubinda said.

Lubinda said media statements attributed to President Sata allegedly labelling him (Lubinda) a rebel were nothing but hearsay because the said statement had neither been verified from the President nor from him.

And Lubinda has charged that he had never been suspended from the ruling party stating that as a man with vast experience in administration, management and a leader of the ruling party, disciplinary actions were never carried out through the media.

He said it was unheard of in mature management system and administration where members were suspended through the press.

“Kabimba is known for pushing his powers around and if I had done anything wrong, he should have written to me informing me of the crime I had committed. He should have told me if I was found guilty. I just heard that I was suspended and later Kabimba announced that I had finished serving my suspension. How can he announce that I had served my sentence when I was not suspended?” Lubinda said.

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