KK dividing the nation-Changala

First republican president Kenneth Kaunda has become a danger to his own legacy and to the country by actively participating in politics that are dividing the nation, says civil rights activist Brebner Changala

Changala has said Kaunda should stop misleading Zambians by insisting that President Michael Sata was the best leader Zambia has ever had because many were regretting having voted for the PF and Sata.

The civil rights activist has challenged Kaunda to tell the nation whether he had resigned from his party UNIP to join the PF where he was supervising President Sata.

He said it was important for Kaunda to tell Zambians his role in the PF because it had become clear that the 89 year old  leader had not retired from  active politics and was now campaigning for the PF and President Sata.

Changala wondered in what capacity Kaunda was attacking and insulting ministers in President Sata’s government, adding  that the ministers the former president was calling ‘confused and stupid ‘were appointed by the man  he was praising as Zambia’s best leader.

Changala recalled that not too long ago, Kaunda had completely written off Sata from the country’s presidency and wondered what could have changed for the first president to start praising the man he had declared unfit for the presidency.

He said Dr Kaunda should redeem himself by emulating former African presidents like Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Benjamin Mukapa, both of Tanzania, Ketumire Masire of Botswana and Bakili Muluzi of Malawi.

Changala said Zambians were looking forward to a new generation of leadership devoid of oppressive dictatorial tendencies which he said were the blood line of Kaunda.

“I am sorry to say this but Kaunda is a mutasha kalikwisaya (a praise singer while chewing) but his active participation in politics and in the internal wrangles of the PF is dividing the country. He has become a danger not only to his legacy but to the country.,

“He has been campaigning for the PF and I want to challenge him to tell the nation when he resigned from UNIP to join PF. He has become the spokesperson for the PF and has the authority to attack and insult ministers in a government he does not belong to,” Changala said.

He said it was unacceptable for the man who fought for the liberation of the country to start diving the country by condemning opposition political parties that were providing checks and balances.

Changala recalled that it was Kaunda who said President Sata was not presidential material and that the man was only fit to be minister working under strict supervision.

“When former president Rupiah Banda was handing over the retirement house to Kaunda, he (Kaunda) told the nation Sata was not presidential material. When did he realize that Sata was a good leader who can work without supervision? Kaunda praised late president Levy Mwanawasa, he praised former president Banda and now  he is over-eating and wants the whole nation to join him in singing praises for Sata,” Changala said.

Changala said Kaunda should stop pretending that he was a young man who could fit in the current political terrain that demanded and respected democracy and good governance.

He said Kaunda was not the only surviving freedom fighter and that his selective amnesia was not helping the country grow democratically.

“For his own selective amnesia, I want to remind him that Aaron Milner, Grey Zulu, Mama Kankasa and Dr Peter Matoka are still alive and relevant to the political environment,

“But these heroes are leading quiet lives because they want a young generation of leadership devoid of oppressive dictatorial tendencies to do the needful. For his own information, Sata is not the best leader Zambia has ever had. If anything, he is the worst,” Changala said.