KK misleading Sata-Komaki

Patriotic Front youths in Lusaka have demanded that first republican president Kenneth Kaunda should stop confusing President Michael Sata.

And the PF youths yesterday resumed their demonstrations against their secretary general Wynter Kabimba and carried a mock coffin for the justice minister along the streets of Lusaka.

The youths have demanded that Dr Kaunda should apologise to ministers in the PF government for branding them confused and stupid failure, to which they would consider him an active politician on a crusade to divide the party.

Lusaka district PF vice chairman Julius Komaki has told the Daily Nation that Dr Kaunda should concentrate on sorting out the 1964 Barotseland Agreement mess he created when he was president of the country.

He said the PF leaders and general membership had not forgotten that it was Dr Kaunda who had branded President Sata politically incompetent and that he could only work under supervision.

Komaki said the PF youth leadership would like to know if Dr Kaunda had become the supervisor to President Sata to have the authority of calling ministers appointed by President Sata confused and stupid.

“Dr Kaunda has brought another dimension of confusion in the party and we are asking him to stay away from the internal politics of the PF.  . We have not forgotten that Dr Kaunda was standing against a frog during his time and that is the legacy he has left.

Let him not confuse our President. Not too long ago, Dr Kaunda said Sata would never make a president and that he could only work under supervision. Is he the supervisor of President Sata for him to call ministers confused and stupid?” Komaki wondered.

Komaki stated that it was not surprising that late president Levy Mwanawasa had warned to bruise Dr Kaunda because the man had the propensity of undermining the leadership of sitting presidents.