M’membe, Nchito warned

Patriotic Front youth in Lusaka have demanded that Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito should within 14 days begin paying back the K14 billion Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan failure to which the youths would carry out a citizen’s arrest against duo.

The money was obtained by fraudulent mis- representation, a criminal offence for which Mutembo Nchito was liable for prosecution.

The youths have also given Vice-President Guy Scott and PF secretary general 48 hours to name the corrupt and tribal clique in the ruling party or face mass demonstrations.

Lusaka district PF vice chairman Julius Komaki has vowed that the youths would continue demanding that the K14 billion DBZ loan owed by M’membe and Nchito be paid back because the loan was public money obtained in  a criminal manner, as established by the Lusaka high court.

Komaki said the youths were alive to the fact that M’membe was pretending to support President Michael Sata because he had been looking forward to having the debt cancelled by the Head of State. The youths noted that an appeal was not a stay of execution and there was no reason why the money had not been collected and attempts were being made to undermine the entire matter

Komaki said M’membe had maneuvered to have a number of his personnel  given senior positions in the PF government so that he could control President Sata and watch his activities from inside government.

The PF Lusaka district chairman told the Daily Nation that should M’membe and Nchito fail to begin paying the DBZ loan with 14 days, the youths would conduct a citizen’s arrest so that Zambians could know what happened to their money.

He said M’membe and the Post Newspaper were manipulating political events in the PF and that he was building the image of the party’s secretary general Wynter Kabimba so that he (Kabimba) could succeed President Sata.

Komaki said the youths would never allow the party to be hijacked by people whose interest was to protect the financial crimes they had committed against Zambians.

“Fred M’membe will not succeed in his agenda of making his friend Wynter Kabimba become king so that Zambians could lose the K14 billion he owes Development Bank of Zambia. This case will never die  and we are giving him 14 days to begin paying back the loan or he will have to face citizen’s arrest. We shall get him and hand him to his friend Kabimba who is justice minister who will have to hand over to the DPP who is also his friend. We know that their support for President Sata is nothing but blackmail,” Komaki said.

Komaki also questioned why the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) had not acted on the statement by Dr Scott and Kabimba that there were ministers in the PF government that were corrupt.Komaki said the youths in Lusaka have vowed that they would never reconcile with Kabimba because it had been proved that the justice minister had become a danger to the party and President Sata.He explained that when President Sata talked about reconciliation with the opposition political parties, he did not mention anything about the wrangles in the ruling party and therefore they were not going to allow schemes to stop them from demanding the expulsion of Kabimba.Komaki said Kabimba had not come out to deny his links with the Fourth Republican Party and that until the justice minister cleared himself of the allegations, he would remain a pariah in the party.“If President Sata was not interested in the endorsement campaign, he would have stopped it immediately it started in Kasama. When Kabimba suspended the Kasama executive for endorsing President Sata, it was the President himself who lifted the suspension immediately. Sata is our source of inspiration. He was a councilor, a governor, minister without portfolio and now the President and we are not ashamed of marketing him,” Komaki said.

4 thoughts on “M’membe, Nchito warned

  1. Do these uneducated lumpens realize that Zambian Airways was a limited liability company under the laws of Zambia thus existed as a separate legal entity from it’s directors? Hate M’Membe and Mutembo or not, as directors of the defunct airline, they cannot be arrested for the company’s failure to pay. Further more, the company’s assets were still more than it’s liabilities and why the MMD forced it into liquidation is what still vexes me deeply. The MMD did the same with Zambia Airways. It’s the tragendy of our times.

    1. It’s because of the trial and error economists’ guidance and lack of marching alongside current advances in business trends.

  2. Imwe ba PF. It is your Sata who should immediately fire Nchito as DPP, Kabimba as MOJ, GBM as MOD if he is allergic to corruption as he says. he should also transfer RDA to its rightful place. You are just targeting Mmembe to because of his links to Kabimba because you have been paid by someone we all know. You are not against corruption really.

  3. “Ngombala Muhapi wa Mafatsi” and “John” above bloggers sound like hired guys paid by the Mafia to generate a smoke screen to protect Mmembe and Nchito. These two guys siphoned huge tax payers money from the Development Bank of Zambia, National Airports Corporation and other financial institutions. The Post is one instrument placed in gear to gag a President from prosecuting the two guys who got moneys fraudulently.

    Tomorrow is another day when the Law will take its course under a civilized government. Warnings raised by the PF youths are mere precursors on issues yet to be resolved when the ripe moment comes. One can only ignore such warnings at ones own peril if one choses to behave line an ostrich that ecologically buries its head in the sand in spite of the truth emerging in the horizon.

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