Mwamba transfered to Cabinet

President Michael Satahas with immediate effect appointed Mr. Wamunyima Muwana as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.

Muwana replaces Emmanuel Mwamba who has been transferred to Cabinet Office in the same capacity.

President Sata wishes the duo success and God’s blessing as they serve the nation in their assignments.

Prior to his appointment, Muwana was Zambia Information Services [ZANIS] Assistant Director Technical Services. He has served the department for over 22 years rising through the ranks up to the position of Assistant Director.

And the President has directed Mwamba to revoke all the licenses issued to private media institutions.

One thought on “Mwamba transfered to Cabinet

  1. It must be very disappointing to those who expected heads to roll as a result of the present happenings in Zambia. A number of people expected Sata to act when he returned from the US. I mean which sane person would bury his head in the sand when vigilantes took over the running of the country, ministers where at each other’s throats, party cadres declared themselves chairmen of districts and cadres just took over the streets? Sata comes back and only castigated PS Mwamba, abandons Chikwelete a person he was calling chairman not long ago. Puzzling, isn’t it? No. The answer is simple, Sata has tied himself in a bind by the activities he has involved himself in. And some people such as Kabimba, Scott and yes Bwinjimfumu know this. When they were talking about corruption, there were referring to no other but Sata himself. If there’s any doubt that Sata wanted to unshackle himself, I am telling you he really wanted to. His strategy was to work with GBM, Nsanda and yes Chikwelete too to create confusion, so that Wynter who is the bigger challenge could step down on his own. Unfortunately the Kabimba team was clever and it quickly regrouped and started unleashing salvos strategically. The team was ready to expose Sata for what he is. Sata did not realise how well organized the team was. He had to abandon everything. The present outbursts on Mwamba are nothing but kicks of a frustrated person. Check mate!

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