Somalian deported in unclear circumstance

The Immigration department has deported a Canadian national of Somali origin three days before he could appear before the Ndola High Court in a matter in which he was dragged to court by his step children over properties left by his deceased elder brother.

The move by the immigration officers from Ndola to deport him before he could appear before the Ndola High Court has shocked the Somali community on the Copperbelt and some officials at the immigration office as they suspect that underhand methods were at play.

This is in a matter in which Osmai Ibrahim Osmani of Ndola’s Itawa Township was dragged to court by his step son Mukta demanding that he vacates all the property left by his deceased brother.

Osmani had his permit withdrawn by the Immigration Department, which led to his deportation even before he could appear before the court.

His attempt to reapply for a permit was not accepted as he was pushed out of the country by the Immigration department.

According to information obtained by the Daily Nation, Osmani came to Zambia seven years ago on a request by family members among them children to come and inherit his late brother’s wife and to manage the family business.

Osmani who was at the time a resident of Canada accepted to come to Zambia and ran the family business but things turned against him when he suggested that other family members who were independent should manage businesses on their own.

The move infuriated other family members who later reported him to the Immigration office in Ndola and subsequently had him deported one week ago just days before he could appear before the court.

Osmani who had married his late brother’s wife had three children with her before he was deported by the immigration officers.

He was an appointed director of Continental Oil Limited and was arrested on Friday 18th October 2013 in Ndola before he was transferred to Lusaka and deported.

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