Police warn ZCTU against demonstrations

The Zambia Police has warned the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions that its plan to hold country wide demonstrations will be breaching the law as they will not adhere to the provisions of the Public Order Act.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said in a statement Police was concerned with the statement issued by the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) that they were going to hold country-wide demonstrations.

She said “As Zambia Police, we are only in receipt of a notification from ZCTU tendered in by the Secretary General Mr. Roy Mwaba to hold a consultative meeting on Wednesday, 30th October 2013 at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka following an earlier meeting which took place on 25th October, 2013, which was equally reported to the police.

The go ahead was given based on their intention to hold the consultative meeting only, but they have ended up misrepresenting the contents of the notification”.

Chanda said further advised ZCTU to reschedule their meeting to a date which would be agreed upon due to the misrepresentation of facts and that this had raised security concerns.

She said Police in all the provinces would be on high alert to deal with those breaching the law.