Kabimba celebrates Mwamba’s transfer

Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba on Monday sent a mocking short messaging system (SMS) to Emanuel Mwamba celebrating his transfer from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to cabinet office.

Kabimba is said to have mocked Mwamba in his text message saying: “I told you that you will be dismissed and it has happened.”

And Patriotic Front youths in Lusaka have charged that reconciliation statements by Kabimba and his praising of President Sata as a visionary leader who should be given more time to govern the country were meant to deceive Zambians and the ruling party that he had repented and ready to work with those agitating for his expulsion.

Kabimba who has come under fire from the rank and file of the ruling party for allegedly failing to organise the party is reported to have received the transfer of Mwamba from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with glee.

Lusaka district PF vice chairman Julius Komaki and his vice secretary Benji Siwila said the youths could not believe the reconciliation messages from Kabimba because they were aware that the embattled secretary general had been looking forward to have Mwamba who was a civil servant removed from his position.

The youths have also said they would be surprised if President Sata did not know Kabimba creating parallel structures and some of his aides at State House were leaking confidential state information to the cartel.

They said they were aware that President Sata had gathered enough evidence about the creation of parallel structures and hoped that sooner rather than later, the Head of State would be acting on the information he has collected.

President Sata has since directed deputy PF secretary general Bridget Atanga to dismantle all the parallel structures in all the ten Provinces that were set up without his knowledge so that new executive could be put in office.

Komaki said Kabimba should not involve Mwamba in his dirty politics but should instead deal with the youths who have been calling for his expulsion from the party.

“Mwamba is a civil servant and Kabimba is a politician and so let him not celebrate the transfer of Mwamba. We want him to deal with us. Those people he has fired in Southern Province came to Lusaka at our invitation. So if he is on a crusade of expelling the leaders that want him out, let him start with Lusaka,” Komaki said.

He said the youths had no apology for demanding the expulsion of Kabimba and that they would continue demonstrating against him until the central committee expelled him

They said the message to Mwamba revealed the level of hatred sadism Kabimba and the Bwinjimfumu clique had against the former information Permanent Secretary who was being perceived to be against schemes by the cartel from assuming the leadership of the ruling party.

Kabimba has been accused by Western Province member of central committee for arts and culture Winnie Manenga Kamayoyo Oyat of openly discussing President Sata’s alleged ill health and has been urging his loyal members to be ready to support his presidential ambitions.

Efforts to contact Mwamba to comment on the matter failed as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Meanwhile Siwila said the youths in Lusaka have vowed that they never head to the reconciliation messages from Kabimba because the justice minister had exposed his dangerous appetite for power.

Siwila said in a statement that the tribal talk Kabimba had been playing to discredit those who were endorsing President Sata had almost made the ruling party and the Head of State unpopular.

“We still stand by our earlier decision to have Kabimba removed as secretary general of the PF because the man has the propensity of being vicious and merciless against those who are calling for his expulsion. He is a pretender and a threat and cannot be believed and trusted as he has become a disaster to the party,” Siwila said.

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