MMD after seized vehicles

The MMD says it is considering obtaining a Court Order to compel Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani to release the 101 motor vehicles which were seized by the Zambia Police without a notice soon after the Patriotic Front formed government in 2011.

Party Information and publicity secretary Alfred Ndhlovu said the 21 days ultimatum given to the police IG had elapsed and the party was working on measures to compel police to return the motor vehicles.

Ndhlovu who could not say exactly when the court order would be obtained said in doing so they did not want to antagonize the Zambia police but rather sort out the issue amicably.

The MMD has accused the Zambia police of having stolen 101 motor vehicles which were unilaterally seized without a seizure notice soon after the Patriotic Front (PF) formed government in 2011.

Thirty-nine motor vehicles belonging to the former ruling party were seized by the police under a notice of seizure number 000810 while several other motor vehicles were seized without the notice of seizure and their location has remained unknown to the owners.

MMD information and publicity secretary Alfred Ndhlovu yesterday branded the Zambia police thieves alleging the police had had no legal authority to continue keeping and using the vehicles when the matter was in court.

Ndhlovu also said the judicial confusion that has been created by the continued and unconstitutional stay of Justice Lombe Chibesakunda in the office of the Chief Justice had caused the loss of files containing the details of the seized vehicles.

Ndhlovu said the Zambia Police had become a politically confused institution that was incapable of handling investigations professionally.

The MMD has written the Inspector General Police Stella Libongani demanding the unconditional release of all the motor vehicles that were seized when they were not on the notice of seizure.

The former ruling party has asked the police to keep the thirty nine motor vehicles which met the legal requirements.

Ndhlovu said he was writing a letter in response to the correspondence by Libongani to the effect that the police would were not going to release the 101 MMD seized vehicles because they were a matter of investigations.

“The police have stolen the MMD cars and that is why we have files missing. They have no legal right to continue keeping the motor vehicles that were not on their notice of seizure and if they do not have that right, then they have stolen the vehicles. Ask the judiciary why the files of those motor vehicles have gone missing,” Ndhlovu said.

Ndhlovu said the MMD was going to fight all the way until all the motor vehicles that were seized illegally were returned to the former ruling party.