PF exporting terrorism and violence to by-elections

The Patriotic Front has been accused of exporting terrorism and violence to by election areas and now Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini has asked Member of Parliament to file an urgent question to the government.

The Speaker made the ruling after complaints that more than 100 Patriotic Front Youths (militia) are headed to Mansa where a by-election is scheduled to take place next month.

This has forced Speaker of the National Assembly to request Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu to present a statement on the matter.  The request follows complaints by Members of Parliament who observed that violence in by-elections was often caused by cadres transported from outside the areas by the Patriotic Front.

They noted that in recent deaths a PF cadre from Mongu died in Livingstone.  Another cadre from Lusaka died in Chongwe.  In Livingstone a cadre from Monze was killed, “in the present trial of Mr. Rupiah Banda’s son taking place in Eastern Province 2 PF cadres from Lusaka are testifying.”

This they said confirmed the concern that cadres from outside constituencies were responsible for much of the violence and mayhem that was being caused.

There had been a lot of violence in the by-elections some of which has resulted into deaths but the ruling party has been quick to blame the opposotion political parties.