Threats out, GYZ tells govt

The government must stop threatening institutions that go on strike following its careless pronouncements in relation to national issues, says the Gallant Youths in Zambia director, Henry Mulenga.

And Mulenga has called on the labour unions to come up clearly and safeguard the plight of workers, as remaining quiet would not solve anything.

He said that it was not fair that government was on the watch out of institutions and people who were trying to express their views through their unions.

Mulenga said that the government had a responsibility to ensure that people’s plights were not neglected, adding that if the PF government was a listening government, all the situations of the strikes in the country would be history.

Mulenga said government was to blame for reactions from the people on national matters because in most cases government issued statements before thorough investigations.

He said that the PF government must not auction the freedoms of the general public by alarming the nation through its reckless pronouncements.

Mulenga said that from the word go, the PF government had never come up with a tangible solution to meet the demands of the common Zambian.

“We want labour unions not to be intimidated by the government but instead they should wake up and stand for the plight of the people, and those condemning the strikes must not say it to gain favour from the government,” he said.

Mulenga said that showing ignorance on such matters was an indication that the people involved were incompetent.

It was a pity that the current government decided to freeze employment for two years without realising that thousands of youths wandering the streets not to talk about graduates coming from colleges and universities.

And students have threatened to protest if the government failed to reverse the move that was going to negatively affect the economy of Zambia.

And Commonwealth Students Association (CSA) Africa demanded that government rescinded its decision because it was not done in the best interest of the Zambian youths completing studies at institutions of higher learning or completing secondary school education.