Constitution Technical Committee lambasted

The Zambian people have lost confidence in the Technical Committee drafting the new Republican Constitution because of their failure to live up to their own deadlines.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza said the committee lacked commitment to meet their own deadlines which posed a serious challenge in the outcome of their labour.

“Do they really know what they are doing? Because the impression they are giving us is that they are unable to determine the scopes of work required to complete the whole process before setting up a deadline,” he said.

He explained that commitment to set deadlines means ability to determine the procedures required including time and activities which need to be undertaken to reach the dates.

He charged that the committee has continued to delay completion of the draft constitution without giving reason to the people of Zambia, who are the owners of the document.

Rev Mwanza said the people of Zambia, through the Church demand the immediate release of the final draft whose contents were now in doubt as those inspired by the citizens.

“The continued delays cause doubt whether there will be adherence to the set deadlines which they have failed to meet themselves.

Actually, they should be able to establish all the requirements of the proceedings prior to setting up a deadline, including all other external forces they could be faced with during the processes,” he charged.

Rev Mwanza said the delays have continued to rob Zambians of national resources which could be used in other areas of need like the procurement of drugs in the health sector.

He said the committee should disclose to the people of Zambia if there were any challenges through political pressure and interferences from the government so that it becomes clear why they were not finishing despite all the promises to complete and handover.

October 31, 2013 was supposed to be the official deadline for submission to the President and the people of Zambia, the final draft of the new Constitution after the four previous unsuccessful deadlines including the 90 days initial target after PF assumption into office failed.

Then came December 2012, June 30 and July 31 (2013) and just recently the end of October deadline without the release of the final draft.