PF dictatorial ,unfit to govern

The Patriotic Front is totally dictatorial and undemocratic Party which is ill prepared to run Government in a modern society, political analyst Sylvester Mwango has charged.

He said that the statement  by Vice President Guy Scott  suggesting that  President Michael Sata, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and himself were the A team and could not be hounded out of the Patriotic Front (PF) party, displayed the highest levels of, dictatorship, impunity and disregard for other members of the organization.

The suggestion by the Vice – President that the three of them constituted the A team meant that e the rest of the membership including the Central Committee were inferior constituting other grades of of membership,” Perhaps B or other category. This is an insult to other members of the party and goes to show that the PF is not ready for democracy.”

The statement, he said, also showed that the alleged pact between the President and Kabimba existsed since Dr,. Scott  could not become republican President.

Speaking in Mansa last week Dr. Scott said the PF won the 2011 general elections because of the efforts put in by President Sata, Mr Kabimba and himself, stressing that they were not going anywhere.

He said this when he addressed rallies in Mansa Central Constituency to drum up support for the PF candidate in the November 22 by elections Chitalu Chilufya.

He said attempts by some people with money within the ruling party to change the balance of power have failed.

“If the attempt has failed then it is a disaster for Zambia because every party must be ruled by democratic principles. The people must choose who should lead tghem and not leave it to a cartel of friends.” He said.

Mr. Mwango challenfged the Patriotic Front to call for an elective convention at whioch the position in the party would be competed for rather thanthe present situation where  either the President Mrt. Sata or Secretary General Wynter Kabimba appointed individuals.

“This is not democracy. This is dictatorship which should not be allowed in a modern society.” He said.

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  1. i never new that even a white man can fail to think. guy scot should not show off that these other members never contributed greatly to form gorvernment he should think that three votes cannot form the gorvement. instead of working he is politicing other members as old as he is it a shame.

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