War against Kabimba continues-Komaki

Wynter Kabimba and his group should stop misleading themselves that the wrangles in the ruling party had ended following former Lusaka district chairman Robert Chikwelete’s decision to reunite with the Justice Minister, Julius Komaki has said.

Komaki said that the general membership of the Patriotic Front was of the view that Kabimba must be expelled from the party because he had betrayed the trust of President Michael Sata and the PF.

Komaki who is the PF Lusaka district acting vice chairman said the youths were extremely disappointed with Chikwelete for having betrayed President Sata and the PF for having sold his soul to the cartel that had divided the ruling party.

He said it was not Chikwelete who was organizing demonstrations against Kabimba but that the youths in Lusaka and other parts of the country were engaged in the demonstrations against their secretary general for the love of the party and President Sata.

Komaki said the youths had fought the MMD until it was defeated and that they were ready to sacrifice their souls to protect President Sata from being blackmailed by the cartel that was holding him hostage.

He said President Sata should be wary of the schemes by Kabimba and the clique and that soon the Head of State would find himself lonely for insisting that Kabimba should remain in the party even after he had roundly been rejected

“Let President Sata know that we are ready to die for the love of party and the President himself. We have sacrificed so much for the party and we shall not allow Kabimba and his friends to destroy it. For as long as Kabimba continues to stay in the party, we shall continue demanding for his expulsion. If the President is happy with what is happening, he should expel us so that he can remain with his Kabimba. So if the Vice-President and Kabimba think this war is over, they have something else coming because we shall not rest until Kabimba leaves the party,” Komaki said.

Komaki said had Kabimba been interested in reconciliation, he would have called the entire district executive to discuss the problems and their grievances but that his singling out Chikwelete was a clear scheme that he wanted to use the former PF district chairman.

Komaki said Chikwelete was inconsequential to demands and protests against Kabimba because when the demonstrations started, the Chawama constituency chairman was not part of the group.

Komaki has challenged Chikwelete to name the senior PF and government officials who were allegedly sponsoring the demonstrations and demands for the expulsion of Kabimba.