Wynter defies Sata

Seven Patriotic Front (PF) constituencies in Lusaka have accused secretary general Wynter Kabimba of defying President Michael Sata’s directive to call for a Lusaka district conference to elect new district leaders after the suspension of Robert Chikwelete by allowing his handpicked embattled Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe to install himself as the Lusaka PF district chairman.

The ruling party in Lusaka has continued calling for the expulsion of Kabimba from the party and have called on the provincial leadership to convene a district conference that would see the election of the new executive.

Party members said it was shocking that Kabimba had suddenly changed his position on the endorsement of President Sata as the sole candidate for the 2016 general elections.

The PF wrangles have continued to escalate with Vice-President Guy Scott declaring that it was President Sata, Kabimba and himself (Dr Scott) that constituted what is now called the A Team of the ruling party.

Seven constituencies in Lusaka have yet again petitioned President Sata to consider removing the Justice Minister from the position of party secretary general and were dismayed that Kabimba was totally against the endorsement of President Sata had started the campaign after the Head of State had ordered the stop to the endorsement.

A statement obtained by the Daily Nation yesterday and signed by Kabwata constituency secretary Paul Mukuka, Lusaka central constituency chairman Chikutano Nkhoma, Kanyama constituency treasure Chanda Chilufya, Chawama constituency vice secretary Davison Mulenga, Matero constituency chairman Morgan Ngoma, Mandevu constituency vice chairman Joseph Tamba and Munali constituency chairman Forbes Mufwaya accused accused Kabimba and Chumbwe of defying President Sata by scheming to impose their loyalists on the party.

The Lusaka constituency leaders President Sata had given directives that there should be elections at district level but that there were attempts to ignore the presidential directive by the Kabimba faction to bring their loyalists.

They charged that Chumbwe had unconstitutionally attempted to install himself as the Lusaka district chairman adding that it was such kind of defiance that was causing wrangles in the ruling party.

“Chumbwe has defied President Sata’s directive that there must be a district conference to elect new leaders and he has instead attempted to install himself as Lusaka district chairman. We are also dismayed that Kabimba who was totally against the endorsement of President Sata has started the same campaign after the President had ordered a stop to the endorsement,” the stamen stated.

They have also said the reconciliation of Robert Chikwelete and Kabimba was personal and that it did not represent the position of the party in the district.

The leaders from the seven constituencies said claims by Rober Chikwelete that the demonstrations against Kabimba were sponsored were not only false but malicious.

They have accused Chikwelete of having sold his soul to Kabimba because he was desperate for money and challenged the former district chairman to disclose where the financial support came from for their demonstrations.

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  1. Kabimba,Kabimba,Kabimba every time why? The Chief Liar is left alone! Hit the nail on the head. Say: “Sata has failed us”
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