PF doomed

The Patriotic Front will collapse irretrievably if Wynter Kabimba and his friends are allowed to remain at the helm of the party, because they do not add any value, Lusaka District acting deputy chairperson Julius Komaki has said.

Komaki has since asked the Central Committee of the PF to convene an urgent meeting where the party would address the Kabimba issue which he said had serious repercussion for the party and that instructions should not come from Bwinjimfumu.

“We have made ourselves clear that this issue  or running government through Bwinjimfumu will destroy the party and it is like some senior people in the party finds it right to go and issues  statements in Bwinjimfumu road when they know that the party has proper structures. We have to re mind them that the channel they are using is no longer a king maker or a match maker,” said Komaki.

And opposition UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the leadership wrangles in the PF will never end as long as President Michael Sata does not explain the perceived pact in which he has allegedly anointed Kabimba as the next President of Zambia.

Komaki condemned the creation of the A-team of the party as announced by Vice President Guy Scott within the PF has divided the party because some if not all members who contributed greatly to the successes of the PF felt that they were less important compared to the three.

He wondered how Vice President Guy Scott could openly issue such a statement at the time the party was experiencing difficulties in terms of unity and peace.

“We were shocked t hat Vice President Scott told people in Mansa that Kabimba, Sata and Wynter make the A-Team. Do you know what that means?  Others are not important,” said Komaki.

He said that the PF Lusaka district officials will not allow divide and rule kind of leadership to trek down in the party.

Komaki said that people who believed in the PF will continue to protest and call for the resignation and expulsion of Kabimba from the party in order to instil order and sanity in the county and the PF.

He said that the party leadership in Lusaka had already resolved to continue pushing for the expulsion of Kabimba and that nothing would stop them.

The district vice chairperson said that even the effort by his (Kabimba) image builders had proved to be costly because he did not add value to the campaign of portraying him a leader.

Komaki said that the PF risks failing to live to its promises if people like Kabimba continued to hold prominent positions both in government and party.

“Kabimba has no value to the PF and if there is anyone who is thinking of replacing President Sata with Kabimba, we shall allow them to keep dreaming like that because we shall not allow it. President Sata knows very well where he got his vote. We are shocked that some man can go to Mansa and insults our people that only three people make PF,” said Komaki.

And Mweetwa has said that the leadership wrangles in the PF will not end as long as President Sata remains adamant on the matter.

Mweetwa said that President Sata was uncertain on what he wants between the group supporting his candidature in 2016 and the group perceived not to be supporting his candidature.

Mweetwa said that with the confusion in the PF President Sata had become a weak leader easy to beat in 2016 compared to any other political party leader.