Rowdy ministers heckle Scott in Parliament

In unprecedented parliamentary misconduct, cabinet ministers and their deputies yesterday kept on interjecting Vice-President Guy Scott when he wound up debate for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

The unruly conduct of the ministers and their deputies forced deputy speaker of the National Assembly Mkondo Lungu to sternly admonish the ministers as he had found it odd that the PF ministers were making more noise than the opposition Members of Parliament.

Earlier, Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament t Garry Nkombo accused government of selective prosecution from offences committed during by-elections.

Nkombo cited the case in Livingstone by-election where a well known Patriotic Front (PF) member went wielding a gun terrorized the opposition shooting in the air and went on to abduct an opposition member.

Nkombo told Parliament that the known PF cadre had never been questioned by the police nor had he ever been made to account for his actions which were inimical and a breach to peace.

He said instead, the police were made to arrest innocent people and charged them with murder simply because they were from the opposition political party.

This he said was wrong and advised the PF government to amend their ways of governing the country or face the wrath of the people at an appropriate time.

The Mazabuka law maker advised the ruling party to limit their appetite for power because that was making life for citizens difficult.