Close down foreign ministry- Mulusa

Solwezi Central MP Lucy Mulusa has called on the government to close down the ministry of foreign affairs because it had become a liability through the appointment of incompetent, untrained and unqualified men and women to run the missions abroad.

He said that the ministry was of no relevance and was a sheer waste of public resources

Contributing to the budget debate on the vote for the ministry of foreign affairs Mr. Mulusa decried the mass recall of qualified and experienced career diplomats who were replaced by cadres and relatives with no experience and sometime lacking totally in academic qualifications.

These haphazard appointments made without regard to experience rendered the missions to be dysfunctional and dens on internal squabbles rather than vehicles of outreach and development.

It was very unfortunate he said that the experienced career diplomats recalled at great expense were now roaming the streets of Lusaka jobless and unable to contribute to the development of the country. The government he said should recall all those inexperienced and untrained diplomats to give them training if they could benefit from it.

Adding to the debate, Lupososhi Member of Parliament denied that there was tribalism in the appointment of the diplomatic cadres.  Such talk he said, was dangerous for a country that stood on the principle of unity.  He explained that every new government was allowed to recruit its own people with it own vision and that this was not a question of tribalism but putting in place people who shared a political philosophy of the party in power.