Name opposition parties working with KCM-Mumbi

The statement by former Copperbelt Patriotic Front youth secretary Chanda Kabwe alleging that some opposition political parties were working with Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to blackmail and undermine President Sata and his government boarders on state security, Edward Mumbi has said.

Mumbi has since stated that Kabwe should be summoned by the police to name the political parties involved in economic subversion.

Mumbi who is former special assistant to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said the statement by Kabwe was dangerous and alarming with the potential to cause anarchy in the country.

Mumbi told the Daily Nation that the problem at KCM where more than 1,500 people were at risk of losing their jobs was a national disaster and that there was need to exercise caution when commenting on the matter.

He said Kabwe was not only a danger to President Michael Sata but to the nation because his statement accusing opposition political parties of economic subversion was reckless and unreasonable.

He explained that if there were opposition political parties working at sabotaging the country economy by colluding with mines to lay off workers to gain political mileage, it was important that Kabwe should be summoned by the police so that he could provide evidence.

Kabwe on Tuesday issued a statement alleging that KCM was working with the opposition political figures who wanted to make the ruling party unpopular by colluding with the mine to lay off more than 1,500 workers.

Kabwe did not name the opposition political party allegedly working with KCM but claimed that he had information that the mine had hired some individuals into the country to do consultancy work for a named opposition political party and that they had advised the mine to offload 1,500 workers.

Sata said he had summoned his cabinet to discuss the problem at KCM because he understood the gravity and depth of the challenge and should therefore not be detracted to begin hunting opposition political leaders.

“The statement by Chanda Kabwe, the Copperbelt PF member alleging that some opposition political party was working with KCM to make the ruling party unpopular boarders on state security. What Kabwe is alleging is that a political party in engaged in economic subversion and such statement is not only dangerous but has the potential to cause anarchy in the country. He should be summoned by the police so that he could provide his evidence on what he has said,” Mumbi said.

Mumbi said the impending job losses at KCM was a sensitive matter that needed intellectual comments that would help to soberly deal with the situation.

The former UPND official said Kabwe should be mindful that the situation on the Copperbelt was not a political issue but a social and economic one and should not be politicized by anyone including the ruling party.

He said KCM was one of the largest investments in the country and that maximum caution was needed in dealing with the matter.

“The decision by KCM to lay off more than 1,500 workers will not only affect members of the ruling party but the entire nation. KCM is one of the largest investors in Zambia and cannot take the intellectual capacity of people like Kabwe. Let them allow President Sata work and find a solution that is not only going to save the jobs but promote an investor friendly climate,” Mumbi said.


One thought on “Name opposition parties working with KCM-Mumbi

  1. Chanda Kabwe is right. One opposition who is working with KCM is NUMAU leader Mundia Sikufele. The problem is that KCM have not accepted that PF won elections.
    If you push us to far we will disclose the dealings of indians and Zambian top management of kcm. This is the right time KCM should be probed. E.g Nkana flats who is benefiting.

    Please Mr president revoke the licence and you will see how the Zambian top management will start resigning on their own.

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