PF exodus looms

An exodus of senior members of the Patriotic Front is looming following the indecisiveness President Sata has exhibited in handling the Wynter Kabimba divisive issues that have left the ruling party deeply divided.

According to a University of Zambia (PF) Think Tank statement Vice-President Guy Scott should immediately apologise to the general membership of the PF for dividing the party by claiming President Sata, the Justice Minister Kabimba and himself (Scott) constituted what has come to be known the ‘A-Team’ of the party.

The think tank committee has charged that Kabimba was a tribalist who had effectively used some media houses to claim that he was a victim of a tribal and corrupt Bemba clique in the ruling party.

It said in a statement yesterday that it had been observed with sadness that Kabimba had used his position to systematically scandalize other senior members of the party perceived to be a threat to his position and ambitions seemingly with the support of the President.

The Committee explained that PF members have submitted several petitions to the President Sata and the Central Committee requesting for disciplinary action against party secretary general and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba over his inability to organize the party but that they were surprised that the President had taken no action.

“What is more worrying is the perception that the PF members and general public now know that Kabimba is untouchable and feared by the President while other senior members are easily rebuked by the President,” they said

The UNZA PF think tank committee said Kabimba’s branding of the PF as a tribal and corrupt political party was only meant to win him (Kabimba) public sympathy over the his own transgressions against other senior members in the party.

They said it was clear that Kabimba was responsible for the creation of parallel structures in the party by appointing his loyalists in strategic elective positions thereby violating the party constitution.

“What is more frustrating to the majority of members who have petitioned to have him disciplined is that, he is not an elected secretary general and neither is he an elected Member of Parliament. Yet he seems to wield so much authority that he can even discredit the party’s elected members. He has used his position to systematically scandalize other senior members of the party deemed to be a threat to his position with a view of having them expelled,” they said.

The UNZA lectures stated that important members of the party have become a laughing stock to the general public especially the opposition parties who were using the wrangles caused by Kabimba to gain political mileage.

They said Kabimba’s perceived closeness to the party and President Sata had resulted in his intimidating genuine loyal PF members perceived to be against him.

They said the internal wrangles in the party had stalled national development as much of the attention was focused on scheming against other party members.

And the UNZA lecturers had demanded that Dr Scott should with immediate effect apoligise over the ‘A team’ statement or it would be construed that power had gone to the head of the Vice-President.

“The pro-Kabimba comments by Vice-President Scott have not helped the situation for harmony to prevail. He therefore must retract that statement and apologise to the general membership because all comments such as ‘the A team’, ‘Kabimba is here to stay’, and ‘the wrangles in the party are over’ have angered the general membership even further,” the statement read.

They said the larger majority of the PF members wanted Kabimba out of the party because he had failed to organize and harmonise the party.


One thought on “PF exodus looms

  1. Which senior PF members will leave the party? Chikwanda? Mwamba? Sampa? Kambwili? Maybe you are talking about the Chuumbwes, Chikweletes and other well to do street adults as Kabimba called them. My friends bembas can’t leave money behind. That is a joke. They can only be chased from where money is. Moreover if they try leave and try to be funny, The A-Team in collaboration with the Bwinjumfumu cartel would have them arrested for all those deals they are doing.

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