The writing was on the wall

The eruption of intraparty violence within the Patriotic Front (PF) was inevitable. The sinister buildup was steady and sustained.  The silence, indifference and disregard for the festering atmosphere were bound to erupt in the manner it has- with the loss of life.

This matter should have been resolved soon after the North mead Fracas when signs of serious tension were very evident.

Sadly what happened yesterday is not the end. It is just the beginning.

What started off as a manageable political problems has degenerated into an ugly life threatening confrontation that will involve law enforcement agencies 

For every person that dies, for every person that is injured and indeed for every person that is aggrieved, there are many others who sympathise. These are the makings of internal strife which could have been avoided if prompt action had been taken to nip the festering differences in the bud.

That opportunity has been lost, Blood has been shed.

Unless the Party leadership takes clear and decisive measures to resolve the growing internal divide, the differences will grow worse and endanger national security.

Like in other situations, the President can choose to ignore divergent opinion, dig in his heel, disregard growing resentment and allow the situation get out of hand within the party.

There is no question that the Wynter Kabimba issue has been very badly managed and will lead to more explosions of violence unless it can be resolved, which it will do unless resolved.

Clearly a party divided is a danger to the security of the country.

  CDF Plunder 

Plunder is an understatement.

The abusive use to which the Constituency Development Fund has put is nothing short of a national scandal. Apart from funding private business undertaking, the fund has been used to purchase all manner of items including overpriced second hand cars.

And the public accounts committee has learnt that the abuse is deliberate and planned. According to Lunte Member of Parliament Mutati   the Government is not dealing with ignorant and incompetent officers but rather with “ingenious” characters who have crafted the art of circumventing and overriding rules and regulations that Govern CDF.

Against this scenario the Vincent Mwale led Public Accounts Committee has a heavy burden to institute long lasting measures for the protection of public resources.