Police are powerless

The Police have become powerless and Prisons Service Commission is equality moribund as it has failed to control the police service, Monze Constituency Member of Parliament Jack Mwimbu has said.

Speaking in Parliament, Mwimbu said police were failing to control political cadres thereby endangering lives of ordinary citizens.

“The fact that they are killing each other shows that the police have lost control of the situation.  The police have failed us.  The fact that we are losing lives over party rivalries shows the extent to which lawlessness has permeated in our country,” he said.

It was sad, he said, that officers had to seek the permission of party cadres in order to act in situations which called for professionalism and tact.

Mwimbu warned that if those who died or were injured in the fracas yesterday were from one camp then the country was in danger as the injured team would seek revenge in the process, he said, innocent Zambians would be made to suffer.

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  1. But when it comes to Barotseland nationals who are peacefully asking for independence Police and Army are powerful

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