Chinsali PF on fire

Chinsali district in Muchinga province yesterday erupted into spontaneous demonstrations as PF members and residents marched through the streets denouncing President Sata’s support for party secretary general Wynter Kabimba who they accused of causing the death of their colleague in Lusaka.

Police in Lusaka confiscated a huge number of machetes and  guns apparently used by the pro- Kabimba group in terrorising those demanding the removal of Wynter as secretary general.

Meanwhile University of Zambia (UNZA) dons have rubbished Kabimba’s claims that he was the architect to the formulation of the party’s manifesto. (See story on pg 2).

One of the PF members in Chinsali Boniface Bwalya told the Daily Nation from Chinsali yesterday that residents in the area were angry that President Sata’s love for Kabimba to continue as his secretary general had resulted in the death of their colleague while several others including acting Lusaka district chairman Julius Komaki were nursing serious injuries.

“The PF in Chinsali is angry with the macabre developments in the party and have vowed to campaign against the party should President Sata defy our demands to have Kabimba expelled from the party.” He said.

Bwalya said the party cadres in Chinsali had decided to demonstrate against Kabimba because he had become a threat to the lives of the loyal members of the party.

He explained that the cadres who were carrying mock coffins against Kabimba marched to the office of the District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa who they accused of being a loyalist to the Justice Minister.Bwalya said the party in Chinsali had decided that should Kabimba stay in the party, President Sata, Vice-President Guy Scott and the secretary general should ensure they vote for the party in 2016 because Chinsali residents would vote for the opposition.He said Kabimba had generally been rejected by the party across the country and it was frustrating that President Sata had failed to act on a matter that was destabilizing the party.He charged that Kabimba and Dr Scott had divided the ruling party by issuing careless statements such as the PF was a tribal and corrupt political party and that there was the A Team comprising President Sata the Vice-President and the Justice Minister.“The people of Chinsali are deeply depressed by what is happening in the party. The death of our colleague in Lusaka has annoyed the people and his blood will not be spilled in vain. Kabimba must bring back our colleague to life otherwise; he must know that he will not find peace in the party. We are demanding the immediate expulsion of Kabimba but if President Sata insists that his secretary general should stay, then the three of them will vote for their party because the people of Chinsali will vote for the opposition,” Bwalya said.He said the entire Chinsali district was literally mourning the death of the PF and that of their colleague and were looking for an alternative party that would listen and understand them.“Please ba Sata, get rid of Kabimba, he is killing the party. But what he should know is that Komaki and other who are nursing wounds sustained from the violence that was sponsored by the people we knowwere fighting a just cause. Twalaimbana nenama mumeno (we shall clash) because this fight has just began. The Bible says thy shall not kill and now we are killing each other in the party. This blood will haunt the party and Kabimba forever,” Bwalya said.


2 thoughts on “Chinsali PF on fire

  1. History is a vital discipline that has guided the peoples of the world to refine their cultures, political and general human behaviour. The British will lament about their Great Winston Churchill, the Americans still recite the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln. The Ghanaians have come to Earth to remember their Kwame Nkrumah. The “Born Free” young people of South Africa are being drilled in the recent history of the African struggles marshalled by Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Madiba.

    The ravages of wars sponsored by Mussolini and Hitler are historical events that have been well documented.

    Yet in Zambia there is a deliberate attempt to burry the agonising features of the struggle for independence in Zambia. A brief history of Zambia should remind us of the thorns placed in our paths by the “Lenshina Uprisings” in Chinsali and the latent (silent) episode of Simon Mwansa’s Kapwepwe’s UPP.

    The current split in PF is based on tribal interests. We are witnessing rivalries between the Lenje-Sala-soli group led by Kabimba (with Chief Nkomeshya in background) vs the Bemba group led by GBM (with Bemba Chiefs in background.

    Apparently, the current President has no clue on the value of HISTORY to guide him to appreciate African traditional norms.

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