PF violence condemned

A decision by the Government to print only ten copies of the draft constitution apparently for use by the executive only has riled civil society.

According to information reaching the Technical Committee drafting the constitution, the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba has ordered that only ten copies of the draft constitution should be printed.

This directive is divergent from an earlier position that enough copies of the draft constitution would be printed to ensure that copies were simultaneously presented to the President and Civil society.

Now secretary to the committee Ernest Mwansa has been tasked to liaise with Government to ascertain the position which has been hotly contested by many civil organizations that were expecting to receive copies in order to ensure that the draft was in accord with the expressed wishes of the people.

Civil society representative has expressed alarm at the development stating that it smacked of clear manipulation of the constitution, “Why should there only be 10 copies of the constitution printed when the original agreement confirmed by the President was that the draft constitution would be presented simultaneously.

The Civil Society Constitution Coalition has on several occasions expressed concern on developments around the constitution making process.

In a statement released earlier in the year the coalition noted that it was immensely disturbed by the apparent lack of seriousness on the part of the Minister of Justice, Hon. Winter Kabimba in explaining to the nation the expected date of delivery of the constitution by the technical committee, simultaneously presented to all interested parties especially within the civil society.

Last week Kabimba told the nation that there was not going to be a referendum for adopting the constitution.

However, the CSO’s said that there would be no constitution if the PF government decided to impose the document on the citizens of this country.

Last month the technical committee through its spokesperson Mwansa had admitted its failure to deliver the final draft of the 800 paged report by the promised October month end deadline making it the fifth postponement under the PF government.

He told the CSOs that had gathered to receive the final draft last month that although the committee had finished the works as drafters they were unable to deliver it because there was still more work to be done.