Terrorism at work

The violence that took place in Lusaka on Thursday was pure terrorism.

It is very clear that the violence was unleashed in order to subdue and bring in check the faction of the Patriotic Front that has been agitating for the removal of Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

This reality is borne out by the fact that the leader of the anti-Kabimba team Julius Komaki is presently lying in hospital nursing serious panga injuries suffered at the hands of marauding thugs.

There is no doubt that  a  tremendous amount of planning went into the procurement of machetes and the movement of the thugs  positioned in specific parts of the city to exact maximum  terror, harm and damage, in order to create fear and despondency among the public in general and dissenting  Patriotic Front members  in particular.

The attack was intended to exact physical and psychological terror to the dissident group to bring them in line with the “A” team.

That is why the suggestion by Vice President Dr. Guy Scott and the Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu that the violence was a random display and the work of former members of the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) does not make sense.

There is no history of fatal intra party violence in the MMD. This is the first time in the History of this country that open intraparty violence has caused a death.   Further questions are now being raised about the other PF death in Livingstone and Rufunsa.

We have it on very good authority supported by eye witness accounts that Police were rendered powerless by a very well organized team of thugs who were operating in what appeared to be a very well planned exercise that had logistics well in place.

 Two specific movements were planned; the first was to way lay the Anti Kabimba cadres travelling to the airport for a demonstration before the President and the second to attack and evict the anti-Kabimba supporters from intercity bus station and the District Offices they were occupying at Kulima tower.

The team operating in town caused total panic and mayhem in the city centre where innocent shoppers scampered for cover while motorists drove in the wrong direction to escape from the marauding gangs.

These were not the spontaneous acts of a disorganized group of cadres. Meticulous planning and execution was involved. That is why many people fear that the fabled militia may have been at work.

The names and cars of those involved in ferrying thugs are well known. The name of one Councilor who ferried a team of thugs carrying machetes and all manner of weapons has come up several times.

These were not boy scouts on a joy ride. These were men on a mission determined to use the machetes to cause injury and possibly death as the case has been.

The pattern in all the PF attacks has been the same. Somebody has always funded them. Most of the machetes confiscated by the Police are fairly new meaning that they were bought in preparation for this exercise. Somebody funded the purchase and indeed somebody planned the logistics, transport and location of the various teams.

This exercise was planned; surely it cannot be beyond our security officers including the intelligence to identify those responsible. Failure to identify the culprits will simply be complicity.