Cage Scott says Mulongoti

President Michael Sata should cage his vice-president Guy Scott because he has become a loose canon causing a lot of confusion in the governing party, People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mulongoti has said President Sata as Head of State should know that he had the responsibility of making hard decisions on behalf of all Zambians and this was the time for the President to put to a complete stop to the anarchy and hatred that had engulfed the ruling party.

Mulongoti said it was politically worrying that a few days after Dr Scott had issued a statement that the war in the Patriotic Front was over because President Sata, Wynter Kabimba and himself (Scot) constituted the A Team of the Patriotic Front, fierce violence broke out in the ruling party leaving one cadre dead while several members including acting Lusaka district chairman Julius Komaki were seriously injured.

Mulongoti told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott had become a danger to the ruling party, President Sata and the country at large because his statements were careless and divisive.

Mulongoti who yesterday visited Komaki who is admitted to the University Teaching Hospital after he was hacked in the head by a group of cadres against President Michael Sata’s endorsement said Dr Scott was deliberately setting citizens against each other by his open support of a particular senior member of the ruling party.

He said President Sata took oath to protect every Zambian irrespective of their political affiliation and that the violence that had erupted in the ruling party leaving one dead and several injured was caused by the careless divisive statements that were made by Dr Scott.

He advised that President Sata should not allow the violence in the ruling party continue because it had the potential of sparking civil strife that would be difficult to manage.

Mulongoti said Zambians would gladly support President Sata if he firmly dealt with the people who were causing confusion in the ruling party and the nation as a whole.

“President Sata must cage his Vice-President because he has become a loose canon.  Dr Scott has become a danger to the political stability of the country and this is the time Sata has to make hard decisions on behalf of all Zambians.  A few days after he issued a statement that the war was over in the PF, deadly violence broke out and someone was killed. We have nowhere to go and probably Dr Scott knows where he would run to if Zambia was set on fire,” Mulongoti said.

He said the political situation in the country was worrying because it had become clear that there had been a lot of tension which the President was unable to deal with.

Mulongoti said peace and harmony should at all times be protected and no one including those in leadership had the right to create an environment of fear and intimidation against other citizens.