PF is accountable

The Patriotic Front Central Committee should be held accountable for the intra party violence that has led to the loss of life.

They must explain to the people of Zambia how they allowed a festering internal conflict was allowed to explode into a violent break down of law and order in the central business District of Lusaka.

We also hope that the President who is the head of the Special Division can explain how our intelligence was so derelict in duty as to allow such a breakdown of law and order which could have been anticipated as a result of the public wrangling that have characterized the party.

These matters should not be taken lightly because they have the potential of gravely undermining internal security.

According to its manifesto or constitution the Central Committee is the highest policy formulation and implementation organ of the party, to which all other committees and positions are subsidiary. It is therefore only proper that the Zambian people are assured that the trust reposed in the Party by the electorate was not misplaced.

It is not good enough to hold one man namely the President personally responsible for the atmosphere and circumstances that have given rise to the fracture and subsequent outburst of violence in the party, because the party is much more than the President.

Not long ago the Africa National Congress of South Africa was forced to recall its President Thabo Mbeki because he failed to meet the aspirations of the party. As a result of the recall he ceased to be President.

This is the power that every party has over its members.

No single member, not even the founder members or “A” team in our case is above the Central Committee of the party which must serve as the ultimate policy formulation and implementation organ of the party.

That is why Zambians expect that the collective wisdom of the party will come to prevail on a number of contentious issues that are dividing this country as a result of incomprehensible executive decisions. The association of the party with characters and individuals who are less than honest has always cast a pall on the corruption crusade the party claims to have embarked upon.

There is a very clear impression that the PF party policy is driven by those with a vested interest in the party, rather than by the Central Committee.

It is common knowledge that the President will respond readily and vigorously to external pressure to the extent of humiliating and despising senior members of his Government over policy matters which have been processed through normal Government systems.

It is this association that must be dealt with.


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