Scott must apologise

The opposition MMD has demanded for an apology from vice president Guy Scott over his remarks that the warring PF cadres are MMD members dressed in PF regalia.

Party president Dr. Nevers Mumba says Dr. Scott must withdraw the statement and apologise within 48 hours or face legal action.

Dr. Mumba was reacting to Dr. Scott who said “our party cadres are peaceful and the violence that took place where a person died was carried out by MMD cadres dressed in PF regalia. These are the same people that were sent to come and cause confusion in my constituency in 2006.”

Dr. Mumba said the party is disappointed that Dr. Scott can issue such an injurious statement without checking the negative consequences it may have on the peace of the nation. He advised Dr. Scott to come to terms with the divisions he is also linked to in the party instead of washing the same blame on the opposition.

“I have not yet seen the statement, but I have been informed by the youth wing and as a party we have resolved that we give Dr. Scott 48 hours in which to apologise failure to which he will be sued so that he can substantiate his claims in court. It is disappointing that a person occupying such high office can be so trivial over matters that have even involved death and serious injuries to innocent citizens,” said Dr. Mumba in a phone interview.

The opposition leader also accused President Michael Sata of being the source of violence that has rocked the ruling party. He said President Sata had a record of violence in every political party he served and that even if he leaves the PF to join another party he would go with violence.

“MMD is not violent neither are PF cadres, the source of violence is Michael Sata, when he was national secretary of our party, he is the one who introduced the pangas and violence, after he has gone to PF he has gone with violence and even if he leaves the PF to form another party he will go with violence. This is disturbing to all well meaning Zambians. It was Mr. Sata who introduced Matchet fighting during the infamous Chawama fights and since then we have been witnessing people using Pangas in politics,” he said.Dr. Scott has of late been issuing injurious statements to the opposition parties. Early this month while on a campaign platform, he stunned the nation when he claimed that Mr. Sata has performed better than the three successive MMD leaders. Scott said Sata has performed better than Dr. Fredrick Chiluba, Dr. Levy Mwanawasa and Mr. Rupiah Banda. He also said opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema does not think.