Bishop Mambo questions Wynter’s motive

Bishop John Mambo has questioned why Wynter Kabimba is insisting on printing only 10 copies of the draft constitution when that number is not even sufficient to cater for the number of Cabinet Ministers in the PF government. 

Chikondi Foundation president Bishop Mambo wondered why there should only be 10 copies printed when there were so many parties interested to the new document.

“The 10 copies don’t even amount to staff at State House, or the number of Cabinet Ministers in the government.  It is too few, a tiny drop in the ocean of 13 million Zambians entitled to review the contents of the new draft law,” he said.

And Kabimba’s instructions for the Technical Committee to print only 10 copies of the final document for submission to the President has raised suspicion of manipulation of the contents of the new constitution, says Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe.

Ntewewe said government’s insistence on printing only 10 copies would result in serious doubts of their commitment to present a people driven constitution to the Zambians.

He said people were anxiously waiting for the constitution and any dillydallying would raise a lot of apprehension with potential to destabilise the country’s peace.

“Even these current Wynter Kabimba woos in the country would be nothing compared to what people would do when they come realise that this is just another one of the ‘Donchi Kubeba’ acts by the PF government,” he said.

Ntewewe said, As YALI, they were now convinced that government was the one delaying the release of the final draft by issuing new directives when the technical committee was already operating under other directives which were set at the start of the process.

Ntewewe explained that the committee was not in defiance of the President’s orders when they resolved not to sign the report following new directives as it was in their guidelines to consult on matters to do with the constitution.

He charged that since the first draft was given to the public, there should not be any changes in the process with the second and final draft which should also be distributed to the Zambian people.

Last week, Justice Minister Kabimba instructed the Technical Committee to print only 10 copies of the final draft of the Constitution and the Constitution Report for submission to the President, contrary to people’s expectations that the draft would be given to the public simultaneously.